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10 Popular Quinceañera Themes for 2017

10 Popular Quinceañera Themes for 2017
July 13, 2017 sdcpm
10 Popular Quinceañera Themes for 2017

10 Popular Quinceañera Themes for 2017


The quinceañera should be every bit as special as the young lady you’re celebrating. Part of creating a memorable event is choosing a theme. The birthday girl will likely have a few ideas of her own, but if not, these 10 popular themes for quinceañeras in 2017 are a good place to start:


World Travel

Choose a city or think around-the-world. You could focus on Paris, for example, serving cheese, croissants, and “champagne” (sparkling juice!), with decorations inspired by the Eiffel Tower. With a travel theme, you could serve popular foods from countries all over the world, and send invitations designed to look like airplane tickets. Decorate with maps and photos or posters of world cities.



Fire up that barbecue grill! Invite your guests to wear cowboy boots and hats, and decorate with wood, lace, and mason jars. You can use hay bales (covered with blankets) as benches. If you can do this outside, you’ll want to get some tents to provide shaded areas for your guests.


Red Carpet

This is perfect for that young lady who loves pop culture and dreams of being a star herself. Get a red carpet and set up a stage for karaoke performances or dancing, or create your own outdoor cinema experience and screen a favorite movie.



This mythical creature is everywhere this year, showing up in food (like lattes, donuts, and ice cream), hairstyles, and on clothing. With all the unicorns out there, it’ll be easy to decorate and provide a variety of rainbow-colored food for your guests.


Candy Land

This is another simple decorating scheme with lots of opportunities for sweet treats, with bright colors and candy dishes on every table.


Her Favorite Colors

You can make an entire theme out of a couple of colors. Choose linens and other decor in those colors, and ask the guests to wear them, too. Black and white is always popular, or go with your soon-to-be fifteen year old’s favorites.



Fill the punch bowls with brightly colored drinks and serve in cups with umbrellas! Fresh fruits, leis, and some palm tree decorations round out the event. You could even have a hula dancing lesson!


Fairy Tale

Princess for a day! Use decorations inspired by castles and dragons, while the guest of honor can wear a tiara and dance with the prince.


Winter Wonderland

Use sparkling paper snowflakes and twinkling lights to set the scene, and serve hot chocolate to your guests.



More bright colors and lots of carnival games make this theme popular year after year. Make sure you have prizes on hand for the winners!


No matter what theme you choose, contact A V Party Rentals for all the supplies you need to host a fun and memorable quinceañera.


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