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2017 Wedding Centerpiece and Candelabra Ideas

2017 Wedding Centerpiece and Candelabra Ideas
January 24, 2017 sdcpm
Wedding Centerpiece and Candelabra Ideas

2017 Wedding Centerpiece and Candelabra Ideas

Looking over the ideas that are in circulation for wedding decor this year, one conclusion is unavoidable: if you like to do it yourself, you may want to have some help. One great way to do that is rent fine, professionally designed pieces to pair with more rustic or whimsical items that you and your DIY home team make yourselves.  Starting with a framework makes you look like a genius.

1. Remember the glamor of a candelabra

A floor-standing wedding candelabra can greet your guests at the entryway, stand in glorious sentry over the wedding cake, be placed as a pair on two sides of the focus of the ceremony — or wherever you want a dramatic flair. As you can see, many striking candelabra are available for special event rental.  They provide a framework for your hand-woven garlands, custom-stamped artisan ribbons and other thoughtful personal embellishments.

2. Table-top candelabra and glass-enclosed hurricane candles bring intimacy

At the table, one of the candelabra in this pull-down menu can provide the framework for a work of artistry or whimsy. For example, the Ring Centerpiece model is crying out for small displays at the base. Think small floral arrangements, lovely living succulent plants (that your guests can take home later) or clear glass containers displaying starfish and sea shells. The design of the candelabra itself provides a professional look that plays well off of something casual and personal that you put together.

3. Combine two of this year’s trends: paper and metallic

Paper decorations and candles don’t usually go together for obvious reasons, but you can pull the candelabra look into your paper-crafting fantasy by making flame-colored tissue flowers to use instead of burning candles!  Select a metallic candelabra for this project, and then build out the look with paper items. Make tiny origami birds in both metallic and flame-colored paper to cluster around the base or hang from the frame. Paper flowers and metallic ribbon absolutely nail this carefree and trendy look.

Look for DIY paper flower making and origami folding patterns and you will find dozens of images that provide inspiration. Or slip the DIY and let your florist build out related garlands and blooms.  Ask us more about candelabra rentals and centerpiece ideas for your wedding. We’ve seen so many spectacular displays done with our rental pieces that we can’t wait to see the next rendition.  Contact us with any questions or requests.