Take Me Out To The Ball Game

This theme is perfect if you’re opening a business revolving around sports like a gym, a sports bar, or definitely a new baseball field. Round up your team of employees and make sure to bring the nachospretzels, and hot dogs! Make it a real sporting event by renting a barbecue and cooking up some delicious food for the whole crowd. The food will make your customers feel like they’re in the stands and if you add a few personal touches like giving away baseball jerseys, signed memorabilia, or store merchandise it will definitely help spread the word about your business. If money is no object, consider renting batting cages for the day as this will pull in more customers. Worried about the weather? Rent some tents and canopies and you will be covered, rain or shine! If this sounds like an exciting idea, tell your employees to gear up in their favorite sports gear and enjoy the party!


A Night in Vegas Casino Theme

Take a gamble with a casino theme and you may be raking in tons of curious customers with an itch to spend money. There is a great selection of casino games to choose from like blackjack, craps, roulette, and traditional and hold ’em poker. A great grand opening idea that perfectly fits the casino theme is using promotional wheels to give away prizes or merchandise with your company’s brand on it. This will lead to free advertising when your customers take them home and tell their friends and family because everyone loves winning free prizes! If you want to give your employees the full casino experience without paying the cost of their flight to Las Vegas, bring Vegas to them by renting a bar!


A Midnight Stroll Through Paris

This theme is ideal for outdoor businesses that want to bring a bit of elegance to the party. With a bit of chandelier lighting and elegant drapery, the venue will feel like a classic celebration. Champagne fountains will add another layer of class to the party while chocolate fountains will offer an indulgent treat for guests of any age. Feel free to change the city that the party is based on, but make sure to incorporate little touches of it throughout the party to really make the theme come alive. For Paris, you can set up Eiffel Tower centerpieces and bring French desserts to dip in the chocolate fountain. This grand opening will be one for the books as it combines a bit of magic and sophistication through its decorations and dining options.


A Day at The County Fair

Bring the county fair to the workplace and have a blast while tapping into your inner child. The biggest problem with grand openings is that they sometimes focus too much on the business aspect of the event and not enough on the celebration itself. This theme allows your customers and employees to have a little fun while introducing the business to the community. Have your guests play carnival games to win prizes like coupons, store merchandise, and products with company branding. Great food choices for the county fair theme include popcornlolly wafflescotton candy, and snow cones to cool off after a hot day. The great thing about this theme is that you can have your workers bring their kids to enjoy the festivities too. This will not only allow everyone to get to know each other, but it will also be a great opportunity for team building!

Once you pick your theme, make sure to get the word out! Reach out to local radio stations, create a Facebook event, make flyers, whatever it takes to reach the community. Any of these unique themes will bring in a lot of customers, and if done correctly, they will have them coming back time after time. There is a lot of planning that goes into making grand opening parties perfect, and A V Party Rentals is here to help.


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