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5 Amazing Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas!

5 Amazing Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas!
November 9, 2017 sdcpm
5 Amazing Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas!

5 Amazing Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas!


Yes, there’s still time to host an epic Thanksgiving event for your large crowd of holiday guests. These five ideas will make hosting a feast fun again.


1. Gather round the table your party deserves.

If your Thanksgiving tradition includes putting some of the adults at a kids table or extending your dining room table with plywood under the tablecloth, you are not alone.  But it’s easy to do better through savvy party rental preparation.  For example, check out these ample round banquet tables. If it’s all about sitting down to the table together and being able to see and hear one another, why not make that part of the experience seamless?


2. Make the food saga easy on yourself.

Love to cook? Maybe? Even if you cook all the time, Thanksgiving with all the fixings — and family allergies and special diets in many cases — turns into a challenge.  Right now is the time to sit down and write your menu.  What can you cook a day ahead? What can you order pre-cooked at a restaurant or market instead? Do you have a guest who probably wants to bake a pie more than you do?  When your menu is ready, be sure you can serve the turkey, ham, fresh crab or any other holiday entre properly. Along with flatware and china, AV Party Rentals provides beautiful serving trays and platters.


3. Keep it simple as you keep it seasonal.

Do you have visions for fancy centerpieces?  At the last minute, consider bringing in candelabras. Another way to remove decor preparation stress is to let your turkey become the centerpiece of the table.  Choose vibrant-hued table linens and then simply scatter a few mini-pumpkins, colorful leaves or attractive hazelnuts in the shell around the table as accents. Last-minute can become relaxed, stylish and fun if you simplify.


4. Consider an outdoor Thanksgiving.

Is space the final frontier? In California, a beautiful modern party tent is the answer to nearly every question of running out of indoor space most of the year round.  Your outdoor space can provide the roomy dining room that your home or apartment lacks. Tents can be heated, lined, lighted and otherwise customized. Honor the pilgrim story with an outdoor tradition!


5. Don’t forget the visual pleasure of matching chairs.

Adding attractive matching Chiavari chairs around your holiday table is the final step in perfecting the dinner party. Sitting together is part of the pleasure, so, by all means, avoid that mismatched kitchen, dining and desk chair effect so common at American holiday mealtimes.


We have many more ideas and more time-saving last-minute party rentals to save the day. Call Us Today!.



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