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5 Simple Ideas to Bring Your Wedding to Life

5 Simple Ideas to Bring Your Wedding to Life
April 26, 2018 moxxymaster
5 Simple Ideas to Bring Your Wedding to Life

While marriage is a serious commitment, no one ever said weddings had to be boring. We happen to believe that your special day should reflect your style and personality. Here are 5 ways to inject a bit of flair into your wedding day and ensure that you and your guests have fun and make memories that last a lifetime.


Ditch the Standard Wedding Party

There is no rule that your ring bearer has to be a human being. Why not include your beloved dog in your special day and let him do the honors of carrying your rings down the aisle? On that note, your flower girl doesn’t have to be your niece or best friend’s daughter. Give grandma a call, she will be delighted.


Let Your Guests Guide the DJ

When sending out wedding invitations, include a section on the RSVP card to write in the name of a song your guest would love to dance to, or ask them to share a favorite memory they have of the bride or groom. Post the notes at your venue for everyone to read and share a laugh.


Provide a Late Night Snack

Cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, and nachos are all delicious ways to keep your wedding guests fueled for a night of dancing and fun. Concession rentals are more affordable than you think and it’s something your guest are sure to enjoy.


Keep It Colorful

Maybe you like white tablecloths, and maybe you don’t. If you are going for a more traditional theme there is a reason why you can’t brighten things up a bit with colorful linens, or napkins. Adding a splash of color is a great way for you to let your personality shine through.


Signature Drinks

Give your guests the chance to drink your favorite drinks with you on your special day. Offering signature cocktails is a fun way to infuse your bar with some of your personal taste as well as introduce your guest to something new like this Blueberry Mojito. Substitute the white rum for soda water and kids can also enjoy.


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  1. Deb Pearl 6 years ago

    Thank you for all the tips on how to have a fun wedding party. I really like your tip about keeping it colorful. I think that would be a great idea to help keep things lively.

  2. Millie Hue 6 years ago

    I love that you suggested offering snacks in the middle of the night to keep your guests enjoying your party. The snack that caught my eye is when you mentioned snow cones. It just made my mouth water thinking of it especially if I use different fruity syrups on it. My personal favorite would be mango, so I would look for a syrup with that flavor.

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