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7 Tips for Getting Your Kids Involved with New Year’s Party Planning

7 Tips for Getting Your Kids Involved with New Year’s Party Planning
December 1, 2016 sdcpm
new year's party planning

7 Tips for Getting Your Kids Involved with New Year’s Party Planning

The new year is an exciting time for everyone, especially if you are planning to host a new year’s party. There is a lot to do, but chances are you’ve got some helping hands very close by! Here’s our advice on getting your kids involved with new year’s party planning.

  1. Let your children help plan the theme.

    Fun ideas include a “way back when” party that is themed to a specific year or decade, or “the magic of movies” where decor can be themed to your kids’ favorite flicks.

  2. Get your kids to work with you on the guest list.

    The little ones may even think of invitees that haven’t occurred to you, such as a favorite teacher’s assistant or their piano instructor.

  3. Brainstorm games together.

    If there’s one thing kids know plenty about, it’s how to have fun. Search the net for fun game ideas and do some practice runs — your kids will quickly let you know which ones are the winners!

  4. Make giving a group activity.

    Kids are innately generous by nature, so they’ll love the idea of putting together “loot” or “swag” bags for the party guests. They’ll be thrilled to go shopping with you for the goodies, but be sure to make a list first to keep the options narrowed down.

  5. Design and create the invitations together.

    If your kid is an artist, imagine how thrilled your little Picasso will be if you scan her artwork and include it in the invitation. Or, use an art program together to design and print original invites on the computer.

  6. Get the kids cooking.

    Many traditional party foods lend themselves to little helpers, such as wrapping pigs in blankets, forming meatballs, and baking cookies. They’ll feel so grown up and helpful when they see the guests enjoying food they helped create!

  7. Let them pitch in with party prep.

    As the clock counts down to NYE, the real fun (and work!) begins. Now it’s time for those helping hands to really get going! They can blow up balloons, decorate, tidy up the house, and set out place settings and centerpieces.

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