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3 Fun Ways to Welcome New Employees Aboard

3 Fun Ways to Welcome New Employees Aboard
February 7, 2019 moxxymaster
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Anyone who’s ever started a new job can attest to the idea that the first few months might not be the smoothest. From not knowing anyone, to navigating new policies, to learning the expectations of new superiors, things can get a little rough. Follow these tips to lighten the load on newcomers and to show them a warmer welcome.


Host a “New Employee Luncheon”

If you’re part of a large company, this will likely need to be held quarterly. For smaller companies, however, “New Employee Luncheons” can be coordinated with shorter notice. Order a catered lunch one day to entice all employees to stick around and get to know one another. Or, if you prefer to offer snacks instead, renting a pretzel warmer or popcorn maker are fun, affordable welcome ideas!


Show Respect from the Top Down

Respect starts at the top. If respect is demonstrated by the top brass, others will follow and those who don’t will be spotted and dealt with. Showing newcomers that they are welcomed and respected is the ultimate way to make sure they feel safe and accepted. Rent a wireless microphone for an executive welcome announcement, making sure that everyone has met the new team member. Make it extra official with a podium and encourage others to introduce themselves as well.


Have a New Hire “Introduction Board”

Have new hires fill out a fun questionnaire asking where they are from, what books they read, what films they like, and other questions that help people get to know them. Post this board in the lunchroom to encourage camaraderie and casual conversation. If you’re having trouble enticing employees over to the questionnaire, just fill a couple cupcake stands with tasty treats and place them nearby. That’s sure to gather a crowd!


Whatever you decide, call AV Party Rentals today to speak with qualified party experts, who are ready to aid you in the process of welcoming new employees onboard.


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