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3 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

3 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Party Ideas
January 8, 2019 moxxymaster
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The ability to express and receive love is an immensely important part of life. Valentine’s Day is a great “teaching holiday” for our children where we can reinforce important values and teach them to celebrate friendships, relationships, and love for themselves and others. How you approach Valentine’s day while your kids are young will pave the way they feel about the holiday in the future. Let’s give them a special day to remember with these 3 kid-friendly Valentine’s Day party ideas:

Host a Cupcake Party

For adults, Valentine’s Day is about romance, but kids will have their eye on the candy. Spin their treat-focused minds in a more engaging direction by turning your Valentine’s Day kid’s party into a hands-on cupcake baking session. Invite classroom friends over to make cupcakes for their loved ones. Use fun, Valentine’s Day colors and heart-shaped sprinkles and when the cupcakes come out of the oven, stack them on tiered cupcake stands for a Pinterest-worthy photo opp. Set up a plate-decorating table outside where the crew can decorate their paper plates with markers. Be sure to capture all the sweet moments with polaroid pictures that the kids can take home to show off their handiwork to friends and family.


Have a Tea Party

If baking is more than you bargained for, a classic tea party might be more up your alley. With colorful linens, festive flatware, and a spread of kid-approved “china” (we suggest plastic if possible), you’ll win the hearts of kids and parents alike. Provide a variety of herbal teas with bold fruity flavors and colors. A few finger sandwiches and small cookies or pastries premade from your local grocery store could also come in handy and would make guests will feel like royalty. Sip tea and encourage everyone to say something nice about the person sitting to the left and right, as well as something positive about themselves!

Break Out the Chocolate Fountains

You’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who isn’t thinking of chocolate on Valentine’s Day and even fewer kids would be unimpressed by the idea of a chocolate fountain. ‘Tis the season to dust off a few fancy serving trays and stock up on some kid-favorites like strawberries, pretzels and marshmallows. Make sure to remind those awe-struck children that they’re welcome to dip right into the fountain! They may never have seen such a sight in real life before. Lay their creations out on wax paper to solidify. Consider making an extra batch to take over to the local fire station for a lesson in gratitude.

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