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3 Tips for Coordinating a Romantic Proposal

3 Tips for Coordinating a Romantic Proposal
January 23, 2020 sdcdesign
Person putting a ring on a partner’s finger during proposal

Planning a proposal can bring immense anxiety – and for good reason! But if you want this romantic occasion to go flawlessly, here are 3 easy tips to keep in mind.

Know your partner’s taste in jewelry

Choosing the right ring sets the stage for a smooth and proposal because it highlights the fact that you truly understand your partner and value their wants and needs. Before purchasing the ring, pay attention to the kind of jewelry they adorn themselves with on a daily basis. Do they favor accessories that are delicate or earthy or rustic or vintage? Maybe they are more understated or classic or glamorous? These are all great words to keep in your vocabulary so that when the time comes to speak with a jeweler, you can help paint an accurate picture of what your partner prefers. And if you’re really lucky, your significant other will have a curated Pinterest board that you can reference for inspiration.

Consider his or her interests

When deciding how and when to pop the question, consider your partner’s favorite activities. If you two are always hitting the waves together, then a beach proposal could be ticket. Pack a picnic and don’t forget the bubbly to celebrate afterward! If he or she loves to cook, make reservations at your favorite secluded restaurant and alert the staff ahead of time so they can make it an extra special experience. Or, prepare a romantic dinner at home! Table linens are always a nice touch along with candles to set the mood. You can propose on a hike, during a sporting event, in a foreign country or where you first met. The point is, every couple is unique, and you need to come up with a plan that fits your own relationship.

Plan how you will share the moment

Don’t forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You or your significant other might want to look back and reminisce. If you think this will be the case, make sure you commission help with capturing the moment on camera. This could be a friend, a professional, or family member. It’s also important to consider whether your partner would want the proposal to be intimate, public, or surrounded by close friends and family. If you aren’t sure, you could always meet in the middle and pre-plan an after-party – as long as you are sure he or she is going to say YES!

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