Wedding Alfresco

If you are planning an outdoor affair for your springtime wedding, then you had better be prepared for the weather. Weather will not plan as far in advance as you will, so there is no telling what Mother Nature will do on your special day. As it is springtime, anything can happen. As good hosts, you should be prepared to see to your guest’s comfort. If you are going to be outdoors, you should consider having a tent (or two). Offer guests weather-appropriate favors as they enter. Parasols or sunglasses if the sun is shining. Umbrellas for rain. And throws for cooler weather.


Fabulous Firsts

There are many traditional “first” activities at a wedding that everyone takes for granted such as the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife. Putting your own spin on these can turn them from old tradition to a unique event. The first dance might be replaced by something more silly like the first hopscotch match or tiddlywinks if the couple is whimsically inclined. Or you might have them shoot the first basket or play their first round of catch if they are athletic.


Personalized Place Cards

There are many people who will contribute to the building of that new life together and who have already contributed. In order to keep a wedding from getting a little too heavy-handed, sometimes it is nice to show some appreciation to the friends and family who have come to help you celebrate your nuptials. Consider doing something like personalized place cards that have a photograph that says something about the personality of each guest. Having a place card with a photo of that person that says something about who they are can be a great icebreaker, which is especially important if guests will be seated with people they don’t know or don’t know well.


Give Your Bouquet Away

One tradition that you might twist a little bit in order to show some love to others is to give your bouquet away rather than just tossing it. Give your bouquet to a special woman in your life, such as your mother or grandmother. You might also consider giving your bouquet to the couple at your wedding who has been married the longest and invite them to share some wisdom or advice that they have gleaned over the course of their marriage. It is a great way to encourage a little bit of their good fortune and success to come your way.


When you plan your spring wedding keep an eye out for ways to make it different. Putting your own spin on classic traditions will ensure that your wedding is memorable. Contact AV Party Rentals for all of your rental needs. We have everything from teaspoons to tents.