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5 Hot Tips for Your Summer Picnic

5 Hot Tips for Your Summer Picnic
June 27, 2019 moxxymaster
5 Hot Tips for Your Summer Picnic

What better way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather than with an old-fashioned picnic? The quintessential casual outdoor meal amongst family and friends while basking in sunshine and nature is an ideal way to celebrate just about anything this season. Take advantage of these tips and tricks to maximize the charm for your summer gathering.


Location: Made in the Shade

Keep your guests in mind when selecting your picnic spot. The more guests you invite, the more space you’ll need. Areas with plenty of trees and lush grass are ideal not only visually, but for shade as well. Umbrella and tent rentals can supplement shade for larger picnics or if shady trees aren’t plentiful.


Seating: The Grass Just Won’t Cut it

Traditionally, picnics are held on a gingham blanket with a wicker basket, but let’s be realistic – this doesn’t fit all those people on your invite list. For a proper meal, a table and chairs will most likely be necessary. If your picnic location doesn’t provide benches or you do not have folding chairs and tables at home, chair and table rentals are readily available. Be sure to rent extra in case more guests come.


Food: Keep it Simple

Having pre-prepared food is always the most convenient option for picnics. Order from a local catering menu or for locations that don’t provide grills, rent a BBQ along steam tables to keep your food warmer for longer. Keep the food simple please even the pickiest of eaters. Paper plates and plastic cutlery make for a quick and easy cleanup, but be sure to remember garbage bags to dispose of your trash.


Décor: Less is More

Just because your picnic is outside it does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Table linens and flowers can add a decorative touch. Use citronella candles to keep the pesky bugs away and set up torches for picnics that last into the evening. Remember not to get too carried away on décor: you will have to lug everything to and from your location, so less is more.


Rules: Live a Little

The final and most important tip for your summer picnic: have fun. Set up cornhole or horseshoes for guests to play while conversing with others. Having a selection of games to play is the perfect addition to any get-together.


When you’re ready to get your picnic planning started, contact A V Party Rentals. Our expert team is ready to help make your summer picnic the ultimate summer event.


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