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5 Tips to Tackle Rain on Your Wedding Day

5 Tips to Tackle Rain on Your Wedding Day
April 25, 2019 moxxymaster
5 Tips to Tackle Rain on Your Wedding Day

Everybody wants the perfect wedding. You see it everywhere — in movies, TV shows, and advertisements. Your ideal wedding includes the perfect temperature with the sun gleaming down on you as you lean in to kiss your future spouse. While you can control all the planning and details that make up your wedding, there is one you cannot control: the weather. With wedding season springing upon us, it’s important to make sure that you’re covered for the rain – literally! The following tips can you help you stay covered on your wedding day, rain or shine!


1. Set up a Large Tent

Be sure to have a tent on standby, in case it rains. Remember, even if the sun does decide to attend your wedding too, a tent is a good place for guests to be in the shade, especially for the elderly or younger children.


2. Use Plastic Chairs

Utilizing plastic chairs is an ideal choice for an outdoor wedding. They are light, portable, and easy to set up and take down. In the chance of rain, they are also ideal because water won’t ruin the plastic, and the chairs can be moved to a dry location quickly.


3. Perform the Ceremony on a Patio

If you have your ceremony on a patio, your feet can remain dry in your beautiful shoes. It also provides a nice space for a bar after your reception so guests can mingle over beverages and a wedding arbor that serves as both a beautiful decoration piece and a shelter from the rain.


4. Rent an Indoor Space Available

Renting an indoor space is a great solution for the rain. Food can remain dry and safe on tables that are away from the outdoors and bugs. Guests can eat, drink and communicate comfortably with other wedding attendees away from the rainy weather.


5. Stay in Good Spirits

Don’t forget, your wedding day is about you and your future spouse. Regardless of the weather, your ceremony can still be special. Be sure you are properly prepared for any weather mishaps, and your wedding will still go as planned.


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