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5 Ways to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

5 Ways to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding
May 2, 2019 moxxymaster
5 Ways to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer can be exciting; however, the heat is an important factor to take into consideration. For brides and grooms that want to host their celebration outdoors, check out five easy ways to beat the heat this summer.


Improvise Shade

There are many canopies available that can keep your guests comfortable while you say, “I do.” Canopies can keep you and your wife or husband-to-be cool as you say your vows and keep your guests comfortable in the shade and away from the sun. Gazebos are another great shady option to stay away from the heat. With beautiful floral arrangements attached, gazebos make for timeless photographs of your wedding.


Provide Hydration

Be sure to provide various beverage options to keep your guests hydrated in the heat, such as chilled water and juices. A beverage container with plenty of ice can keep guests who feel overheated cooler. You can also mix in fruits with water for a refreshing drink or have a fruity punch prepared for options. For guests that may want an alcoholic beverage, a frozen margarita is always a summer hit with the adults.


Provide Air Circulation

Depending upon your wedding venue location, there may not be a breeze. As a party favor option, small personalized hand fans can keep your guests cool while sitting or standing and act as a keepsake from your special day. Additionally, there are many other cooling options available such as ceiling or floor fans.


Weather-appropriate Clothing

Give your guests a notice ahead of time for a change of dress code if the summer heat is stifling. You can encourage guests to wear lighter, comfortable clothing but with a formal flair.


Stay Cool

As a bride or groom, the last thing you want is to be hot and miserable on your wedding day. It’s common for brides (and grooms) to change into a second outfit after the ceremony. Wear open-toed sandals, a light wedding gown and waterproof makeup to keep the sweat away.


Whether it’s cooling options and beverage containers to gazebos or canopies, AV Party Rentals is here to help you plan the perfect outdoor summer wedding. Contact us today to see how we can help you get started.


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