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A Genius Guide to Beach Weddings

A Genius Guide to Beach Weddings
July 9, 2019 moxxymaster
A Genius Guide to Beach Weddings

Living in California means that tying the knot on the beach can be an excellent and realistic option for couples who love the ocean. While beach weddings are beautiful, they require a bit of extra outdoor planning in order to ensure that your ceremony and reception run smoothly. Here are five tips for throwing a memorable beach wedding!


Coordinate Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs typically need to be rented for beach weddings. Look for sturdy furniture, like farmhouse tables and chairs that are less likely to sink in the sand or blow away in a gust of wind.


Choose Beverages Wisely

Because many beaches prohibit glassware for safety reasons, couples will likely need to serve beverages in plastic cups and stemware. Plastic beverage dispensers will keep things classy, or for a more casual wedding, opt for drink buckets to keep aluminum cans and water bottles cool.


Rent a Dance Floor

While beach weddings treat your guests to a plethora of natural beauties, dancing in the sand isn’t the most ideal. Instead, rent a portable dance floor to ensure your guests’ safety on a hard, flat surface.


Serve Up Some Fun

Beach weddings have an inherent element of fun. If your chosen beach doesn’t provide one, consider renting a volleyball net or other yard games to provide a fun way for your guests to mingle during your reception.


Have a Backup Plan

Like any outdoor celebration, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case the weather does not cooperate with your beach wedding. Consider renting a tent or canopy that can provide shelter from hot sun and light rain, and choose an indoor alternative venue in case of heavy thunderstorms or other severe weather.


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