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A Guide to the Perfect Proposal

A Guide to the Perfect Proposal
June 6, 2019 moxxymaster
A Guide to the Perfect Proposal

Once you’ve decided to pop the question, planning a memorable proposal is the first step in your journey as husband and wife. Here are some tips for planning the perfect proposal!


Plan a Dinner to Remember

Planning a romantic dinner is a tried-and-true option that can be customized to fit your husband or wife-to-be’s personality. Proposing at a meaningful restaurant, like where you ate on your first date can be a great choice, or you can go the extra mile to prepare his or her favorite meal at home. Serving an elegant meal at home can be just as meaningful as an extravagant night out, and it can also serve as a precursor to a proposal elsewhere. Simple touches, such as linens, glassware, and candles or flowers on the table can create a romantic atmosphere in any home or patio.


Connect with Nature

For a proposal that is easy to prepare and incorporates a bit of Disney magic, plan a romantic evening under the stars. Decorate a scenic area in a park; near a river, in a backyard, or another outdoor location. Be sure to include string lights, flowers, candles, photos, or anything else that is meaningful to both of you.


Capture the Moment

A photographic moment captures the essence of the experience. You’ll want to remember this moment forever so reach out to friends and family to see if they can help capture the moment on camera..


Don’t Forget the Ring!

6When picking out the perfect engagement ring, you have to consider your budget, your partner’s style, and their ring size. There are so many options for stones and metals at all prices, you can still buy that dream engagement ring with your budget. Diamonds are the classic stone, but you can choose a beautiful gemstone for a one of a kind ring. If you’re determined to get the correct size for the perfect moment, then use a ring she already wears on her ring finger, and bring it to your jeweler.


A well-planned proposal is the first step toward a memorable wedding and a happy, lifelong marriage. Once you have chosen a date, be sure to reserve your wedding venue and services as far in advance as possible. Contact A V Party Rentals today to learn more about how we can help you prepare a proposal and wedding that your husband or wife-to-be will never forget!


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