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Boost Employee Morale With These Workplace Tips

Boost Employee Morale With These Workplace Tips
October 16, 2018 moxxymaster
Fall Themed Desk

Time sure does fly when you’re working hard. One day it’s January first and the next it’s already back to school! Many people lament the close of summer as daylight wanes and it feels harder and harder to get up in the morning. But pumpkin isn’t the only spice you can add to the autumn season; utilize these tips to spice up your weekdays, surprise your team and keep the group motivated as the seasons change.


Cheers to Fall

Summer, of course, has its casual perks: pool parties, lazy days at the beach, and lovely warm nights on the patio. But don’t fret, fall has its advantages too! How about taking advantage of the season and hosting a hot cocoa day at the office? Surprise employees with a festive beverage station complete with hot cocoa, cider, tea and coffee to brighten the mood. You could even go the extra mile and provide company-branded or personalized mugs for everyone to reuse at their desks.


Little Comforts

The weather can be unpredictable during this transitional time. Set your employees up for success by stocking up on conveniences like community umbrellas, for example. Be sure that your offices and break rooms have appropriate temperature controls as well. Check out these heating and cooling systems if you expect an abnormally hot or cold week and know of certain spaces in your workplace that have poor climate control. Extreme temperature changes are what make people sick. Plus, employees will appreciate the gesture and be much more productive if they are comfortable in the office.


Comic Relief

Surprise your hard-working team one week by planning an in-house comedy show! Consider treating everyone to a half-day on Friday and set up a stage and seating area for some impromptu stand-up. Just be sure to hire a comedian that will be office appropriate. Additionally, ask ahead of time if you will need to provide a microphone or PA system for the routine. Your employees will appreciate the time to decompress and have a laugh after a long week.


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