If you’re ready to celebrate with your grad, here are some tips to make sure your backyard bash is a success:


Coordinate Ahead of Time

Do you want a small gathering with just close family or an open house with extended family and friends? Keep in mind that friends graduating with your honoree are likely going to be holding their own soirees around the same time, to coordinate schedules with the closest friends to avoid any conflicts. It’s a good idea to get your invitations out early (4 to 6 weeks is a good window) to give people plenty of time to plan for what is likely a busy event season.


Make the Menu

The great thing about BBQ fare is that the base is pretty simple. This gives you room to add a few unexpected twists to a classic menu. If hot dogs and burgers aren’t quite exciting enough or if you’ve got some vegetarians on your guest list, you can make crowd-pleasing dishes like grilled peppers with minty tzatziki or grilled vegetable quesadillas. If you do stick with a more classic grilling plan, you can always use side dishes to spice up the menu.


If you’ll be serving a big crowd, recipes that can be made in advance are the way to conveniently meet demand, freeing you up for socializing on the big day. Try a flavor-packed potato salad or a make-ahead cole slaw. If you’ve got a really big crowd, consider outsourcing some of the meal prep by catering the meat or making preparation easier by renting a large grill that can cook it all at once so that you don’t have to worry about guests eating in shifts.


Determine the Seating and Space

Chances are that your typical backyard furniture isn’t going to seat as many guests as you have planned for the event. This isn’t a reason to scrap your outdoor BBQ dreams! Renting tables, chairs, and tablecloths can take care of the seating needs and elevate your event’s overall appearance (and it’s often much more affordable than renting a crowded event space, especially during peak graduation ceremony season).


Have a Weather-Proof Plan

While being outdoors is an amazing way to celebrate, the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure to plan for the possibility of it being really hot or even rainy. Wood chips or hay can be a great way to turn a muddy yard into a usable one. A tent can help protect against the rain and the sun, so it packs a double punch when it comes to being prepared for the weather. A large group will likely require a professional party tent (or two), so renting can be the most affordable way to meet this need. It never hurts to have some extra umbrellas on hand, too—just in case!


If you’re ready to send your graduate off to the next chapter with some fun times surrounded by the people who have been cheering from the sidelines, start planning your backyard BBQ today. A V Party Rentals is happy to assist you with all your rental needs to make sure your event is a success.