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Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day
February 7, 2020 sdcdesign

In the United States, the first Friday in March has been designated as Employee Appreciation Day. A casual luncheon in honor of Employee Appreciation Day can be a thoughtful way to express your appreciation for your hard-working staff.

Create a Festive Atmosphere

The idea of this luncheon is to highlight your gratitude and recognize that your employees are important to your organization. It’s a special occasion and we don’t want the luncheon to feel like any other obligatory meeting in the conference room. For this reason, we recommend utilizing another large space in your building such as a mezzanine, lobby, atrium, or picnic area. Invest in uniform seating, even if it means renting tables and chairs for the day. We don’t want your staff having to scavenge for extra rolling desk chairs while balancing plates of food on their knees. Keep the atmosphere pleasant with the addition of background music played over a PA system. Office party playlists are available on apps like Spotify or you could even put out a song request memo prior to the event.

Thank Your Employees

That PA system will also come in handy when you want to recognize specific individuals for exemplary performance. After all, it really is meaningful when your CEO or another representative of the executive team gives a brief address to thank everyone for their contributions to the organization’s success. Leadership could give a heartfelt presentation to highlight major accomplishments of the past year. Many organizations even present their employees with small gifts as tokens of their appreciation. Popular options could be mugs, company t-shirts, branded caps, small gift certificates or more.

Make it Personal

Extend the fun to the food by serving something each person can customize. Possibilities include stations for building your own taco, dessert, or sandwich. Concession booths are another fun way to dispense snacks. Consider renting a churro, cotton candy, or nacho cheese station for employees to build their own treats.


As you plan Employee Appreciation Day for your office, don’t hesitate to contact us at A V Party Rentals for your organization’s event rental needs. We’ve been providing everything for corporate parties, from teaspoons to tents, since 1968.



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