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Company Events: A Great Time to Get to Know Each Other

Company Events: A Great Time to Get to Know Each Other
February 8, 2018 sdcpm
Company Events: A Great Time to Get to Know Each Other

Company Events: A Great Time to Get to Know Each Other


If you’re planning a company event, ditch the stodgy party hall or the uber-expensive theme park, where everyone splits up to do their own thing. It defeats the whole purpose of getting together! By hosting your event in a more intimate setting, you will have the chance to forge new friendships, strengthen existing ones, and see your coworkers in a whole new light.


Choose A Venue

Smaller venues don’t mean less fun; quite the opposite. Unlike larger, impersonal events, you will be there to catch all the special moments: Bob, from accounting, in the throes of a victory dance because he just beat the odds at the ring toss game; or Nancy, the big boss, pitching horseshoes; she’s not even close to getting a ringer, but she’s having a blast. It’s also a great way for the kids to interact – the Duck Pond game always makes a splash with the little ones (and the little ones at heart).


Choose A Theme

If you want to Viva Las Vegas, we can oblige your high roller fantasy without the chance of you busting the bank. You can try your luck at Blackjack, poker (traditional and Hold ‘Em), roulette, or craps.  We will lay a wager that the good times will roll with any one of our casino games; they always draw a crowd (and a guy in dark glasses smelling faintly of peanut butter and banana)! And, while we can’t promise you’ll see The King, you will surely feel like one when the day is over and everyone leaves with smiles on their faces.


Choose The Games

For those who love a good physical game where skill prevails, we provide all the trappings needed for a game or two of badminton or volleyball; Just bring your grit – we got the rest covered. Some folks might want a more laid-back approach to their physical activity. No worries, we have something for them, too.  Miniature golf and Cornhole are equally entertaining, albeit in a more mellow form. These are games that the kids will also want to (and can) play, and are sure to delight.


With these games and so much more to choose from, we think your next company party will be a smashing success. Don’t forget that we off other products, too. Hey, and since Gary from across the hall dubbed himself the Grill Master, you might want to throw in a barbecue or two! Contact us today, so we can immortalize your company gathering and you can appreciate your coworkers more than ever.


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