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Fun Ideas for your Corporate Health Fair

Fun Ideas for your Corporate Health Fair
August 22, 2019 moxxymaster
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If you’re planning a corporate health fair, then you know that you’re about to plan a massive event for a lot of people. There are so many checklists and things to take into consideration to make sure that you have the best turnout of the year. Everything from the location, the vendors, the table and chair rentals, the food, and the media announcement. If you’re feeling overwhelmed already, here are some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your planning to make sure everyone has a good time.


The Theme

Choosing a fun and interactive theme for your corporate health fair can play a huge role in how many people show up and how much fun they have. Pick a theme that promotes a health-related activity such as:

  • Walking
  • Playing sports
  • Eating Healthy
  • Getting outside and playing games

Once you’ve chosen the theme, you can incorporate fun tables and chairs that will add fun seating areas to the fair and tie the whole thing together. Decide if you want people to sit at full-length tables or stand around several different cocktail tables. Or go a step further and have both for your event.


The Food

Nutrition is a huge part of healthy living and why people tend to gather at events such as these. If you’re trying to get creative with how to prepare food or what should be on the menu, you’ll want to consider that you’re probably going to be catering to vegans, pescatarians, as well as regular meat eaters. Renting out a large grill, stock pots for steamed vegetables, and steam tables to keep things warm can be vital to the success of your event. You can have fun with the food selection and tie it back into your theme.


Fun Activities

No corporate health fair would be complete without some fun activities and games to get everyone engaged. You can find a lot of different options in kids party rentals, such as a birdie ball game, bowling game, or hoop-it up. But don’t exclude the adults from all the fun! There are plenty of options, such as horseshoes or volleyball.

Planning a corporate health event shouldn’t be daunting. If you choose a theme that inspires health, have great food and activities, then everyone is sure to have a good time. You can find all of these event rentals and so much more at AV Party Rentals. Feel free to contact us today!


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