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Having an Event in Valencia?

Having an Event in Valencia?
January 25, 2018 sdcpm
Having an Event in Valencia?

Having an Event in Valencia?


Valencia is such a wonderful place to live, with so many things to do and weather that just can’t be beat. No wonder folks are happy here! It seems to put everyone in a party mood, and when that mood strikes you need a reliable rental company that you can count on to exceed your expectations. While there are other companies out there who will happily rent equipment to you, they just might leave you holding the bag when it comes down to crunch time. At A V Party Rentals we are more than just a rental business. We proudly consider our clients friends and we pull out all the stops to ensure your party or event goes off without a hitch. That’s our job and our promise to you.


Rental Equipment and Beyond

A V Party Rentals has everything you could possibly dream of: from Astroturf to wine barrel decor and everything in between. Need a dance floor to boogie on? We have that. Beautiful wedding arches? No worries, we have those too. Dishes, lighting, drape displays – of course, we have them. Carnival games and barbecues are also what we do. Check out our products to see what we have to offer – we think you will be pleasantly surprised! Along with that, you can view our gallery to see some of the events we’ve furnished in the past. Maybe your event will be featured, as well?


A V Party Rentals: A Cut Above the Rest

It’s a bold claim, we know, but we aren’t afraid to say it. Here are some reasons why:

  • We offer computerized drawings of your event site. That helps to ensure that your space and equipment fit perfectly together. This is super important and can often be overlooked when planning, whereby chaos ultimately ensues. If you would like, we can also give you these images to pass on to anyone else involved in your soirees, such as your caterer or florist. We connect the dots for you!
  • Do you need ideas? Not a problem. If our gallery didn’t get your creative juices flowing, come down to our huge showroom where you will be surrounded by ideas and inspiration. We have consultants there to bounce ideas off of and they can also help steer you in the right direction. If you need a consultant but can’t come to us, fear not: they can come to your house or the event site itself. It can’t get any easier than that.
  • Your rentals are tailor-made to your request so you get exactly what you need, skipping the unnecessary filler and fluff.
  • When everything is in order and your big day comes, we will provide professional delivery, setup, and installation (think tents and dance floors, for example).
  • We do the not-so-fun stuff, too: We pay the sales tax – you don’t! That is a hidden discount that not a lot of other rental companies offer. We also obtain permits should the need arise. Hey, it’s not fun but somebody’s got to do it!
  • We have a strong sense of community and offer discounted rates to schools, charity fundraisers, and non-profit organizations. We take genuine pleasure in these types of events – probably because we ourselves are family-owned and value giving back to others.


We hope we have helped you make your decision for your next party. We can even help you plan for it two years in advance and give you a quote at that time. Thank you for enabling us to be a premier rental company! If you have any other questions or to schedule a consultation please contact us.


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