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Holiday Event Planning 101

Holiday Event Planning 101
November 7, 2019 moxxymaster
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Planning holiday events can seem like a big undertaking, but when done right, being the host of a spectacular soiree can be both rewarding and meaningful. This article will give you the confidence to host holiday events that you actually enjoy. Here’s how to do it:

Make a Plan

Whether you’ve been tasked with planning a holiday event or you’re hosting for the joy of gathering friends and family together, the first step is to ask the right questions in advance. Having a vision will help you to plan your holiday event in a way that minimizes stress and meets expectations. Here are a few questions to consider:

What type of environment do I want?
Do you like intimate gatherings, large parties, or communal events? Do you prefer festive music or a low-key ambiance? Do you prefer an indoor gathering or would you enjoy an outdoor event under a beautiful tent or canopy?

What can I realistically manage?
Knowing your schedule, guest list, budget, and venue options will help you make planning decisions that allow for comfort and style whether you are hosting a simple or extravagant event.

How do I best stay organized?
A brief to-do list is typically enough for a seasoned holiday host but those less experienced would benefit from a more detailed checklist prepared in advance. Spreadsheets in Excel or Google Docs can be a life-saver when it comes to keeping track of costs, attendance, and supplies.

Prep Food in Advance

Making a meal that can be prepared ahead of time will leave you with more time and less stress on the day of the party. Menu items such as chili, stew, or a roast can be kept hot in crock-pots. Other items, such as quiche or pasta salad, can be prepared the day before and kept cold in the refrigerator. Chafing dishes or chilling tables are also great options for making almost any menu item possible at a holiday event.

Don’t Neglect the Little Touches

With all the planning that goes into an event, it is often the smaller details that guests appreciate most. Plenty of warm heaters on a cool night might not attract a lot of attention, but they will remind your guests that their comfort and pleasure is important to you. Our team members at AV Party Rentals have decades of industry experience under our belts. We are here to help with all your event rentals and the little touches that will help you create the perfect holiday atmosphere.


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