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How To Host the Hottest Parking Lot Chili Cook Off At Work

How To Host the Hottest Parking Lot Chili Cook Off At Work
June 7, 2018 moxxymaster
How To Host the Hottest Parking Lot Chili Cook Off At Work

Nothing says summertime better than that company-sponsored fundraiser event involving a rip-roaring chili cookoff in the outside parking lot of the corporate office.  Why not show off that secret chili recipe of Aunt Barbara’s that she was gracious enough to give you that you could share with coworkers and bosses.  Hey, that onion, beef, bean and shredded cheese combo are enough to make anyone cheer for a good cause — make sure to go easy on the ghost pepper hot sauces, please.

Yes, food, summertime, and corporate fundraising can be a great combination when it comes to putting together that fun, yet competitive company cook-off.  And especially if the funds that are raised for the cook-off go towards a good cause.  That being said, here are some things to keep in mind for a fun, food-focused company event.


Get The Right Rentals

With a chili cook-off event that includes a fundraising cause you may consider a walk up stage to showcase the top three chili concoctions. Let the employees, managers, and company executives be the judges to determine the winners. And depending on the cause for the fundraising event, there will be a need for a podium to congratulate the winners and talk about money that was raised for your special cause, as well as those crucial thanks that should be given to the company sponsors and key employees who contributed to this big event.

And with any event that involves sitting and waiting for long periods of time, especially one involving fundraising, having padded or folding chairs for both kids and parents at this event is essential. There can also be room for a nice farm style bench and seats to give people ample seating so they can sample all of those different chili recipes.


Thirst Quenching Beverages

How about a few beverages to quench one’s thirst due to some spicy chili? When it comes to chili — especially spicy versions — one must be able to cool off with some thirst quenching, cold beverages. For an event like this, it is best to consider plenty of beverage tubs to have on hand. That way, you can have those bottled waters, iced teas, sodas so everyone can dig into the tub and snag the drinks they want.


Don’t Forget The Desserts

What about a few desserts to cap off the chili cook-off? While homemade, five-alarm vegetarian chili and waffles may not be a traditional combination for a summertime company event, two desserts that could provide a nice respite for the chili consuming adults is cotton candy and what party would be complete without some tasty snow cones for the children.

Whatever your company decides to do, whether it’s a  chili cook-off or picnic, the important thing is that the fundraising cause reaches its goal and that the employees have a great time and get to know each other better.


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