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Hosting a Co-Ed Baby Shower

Hosting a Co-Ed Baby Shower
May 2, 2019 moxxymaster
Hosting a Co-Ed Baby Shower

Gone are the days when a baby shower was just for the mom-to-be and her lady friends. Over the past few years, it’s becoming common to host co-ed baby showers. Here are some fun ideas to help you start.


Bold Colors vs. Pastels

While color themes of baby showers are typically pastels, it could be fun to explore with a bolder color pallet so men can also enjoy it as well. This opens up the theme to great color combinations such as blue and gray or yellow and orange. In addition to the baby-themed decor, be sure to color coordinate your napkins and tablecloths to complete the look.



Instead of finger food and tea cakes, serve a full and hearty meal. A barbeque is perfect for an outdoor baby shower, and guests can choose from various meals such as burgers, chicken or steak. Don’t forget to lay out plenty of tables and chairs to accommodate everyone at your party. If you decide to go for a fancier look, you can always rent tableware for an affordable cost.



Providing games for guests to play is a great way to break the ice amongst friends and family who may not know who each other are. Try activities like, “Don’t Break Mama’s Water,” where you toss a water balloon between couples at increasing distances. This is a great option for an outdoor baby shower since you’ll be playing with water, but there are many other baby shower games to play such as baby bingo or taking an estimated measure of the mom’s belly with a string of yarn.


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