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Hosting a Fun Corporate Retreat

Hosting a Fun Corporate Retreat
July 9, 2019 moxxymaster
Hosting a Fun Corporate Retreat

A corporate retreat can be an excellent way to boost company culture and create more cohesive teams. They’re a fun and engaging way to learn and get to know people within the company. With remote offices so common these days, it’s important to find ways to bring employees together. While hosting a company retreat can be a big undertaking, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips.


Define Your Goals

There may be many goals you wish to accomplish at your company retreat. Maybe you would like to boost creativity or bring people closer together. Maybe you’re looking to teach a specific skill or maybe a combination of all of these. Whatever the reason, be sure to define your purpose so you can ensure the rest of the planning aligns with your goals.


Choose a Location

When choosing a location for your retreat, there are several things to consider. Be sure to explore several different options, tour the locations and find out what they offer before deciding.

  • Do you need indoor or outdoor accommodations?
  • Will there be travel involved, and if so, will employees need boarding and/or transportation?
  • Is food provided or will that need to come from somewhere else?
  • Does the venue have enough space for everyone attending and the activities you plan?

If you are hosting your event outdoors, be sure to include plenty of shade. Umbrellas and canopies are a couple of great options to ensure everyone stays cool and comfortable.


Provide Food

Most company retreats last an entire day or multiple days. Employees will need to eat, so be sure to provide great food to keep everyone happy and keep the energy up.
Make sure there is enough seating for everyone. Rent tables and chairs that fit the venue, size of your company and the style you desire. You can even customize the event with chair covers and tablecloths in your company’s colors.


Plan Activities

Be sure to plan activities that suit a variety of personalities and abilities. Extroverts will love fast-paced games where they can talk and share ideas. Introverts may prefer quieter activities where they can write things down. Also keep in mind that not everyone has the same physical abilities. Be sure to mix it up to provide everyone a chance to shine.


Have Fun!

The most important part of any company retreat is to ensure everyone is having fun. This keeps them engaged and encourages more teamwork and creativity. AV Party Rental can provide everything you need to ensure your retreat is a hit! Contact us today to find out how we can help!


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