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How to Bring Your Fundraiser to Life

How to Bring Your Fundraiser to Life
April 4, 2019 moxxymaster
How to Bring Your Fundraiser to Life

A well-organized fundraising event can bring in a significant amount of funds while providing a fun event for guests. Whether you’re raising money for your company, a charity or special cause, there are a few simple tips that can turn a mediocre fundraiser into an event to remember.


Plan Your Entertainment

Large fundraising events that are open to the general public require convincing guests to show attend. For this reason, it is important to provide plenty of incentives such as free entertainment. For example, a 5K run can be accompanied by a post-race party that includes carnival games, concessions, and live music by local musicians. These features can make your fundraiser larger, which makes people more interested in coming and provides more ways to raise money for your cause.


Host a Raffle or Silent Auction

Raffles and silent auctions are excellent additions to fundraising events. Asking local businesses for donations can provide items at no cost to raise more money, and businesses are often willing to provide donations because they are an easy way to promote their company.


Create a Professional Atmosphere

While you want your guests to have a good time, it’s important to remember that your main purpose in hosting a fundraiser is to influence your guests to donate. Create a professional atmosphere by providing your guests with informative news regarding the cause and having event staff available to answer any questions they might have before they donate. The location space should be clean with appropriate party rentals such as tablecloths and silverware to make your event look put together.


Provide Good A/V Equipment

If you have a guest speaker to represent your cause, be sure to provide high quality A/V equipment. Nothing ruins a professional presentation like a malfunctioning slideshow or a microphone that crackles. Invest in quality equipment that will help your event run smoothly.


A charity event can take many hours of setup and effort, but with the proper equipment and location, a well-executed fundraising event can make a significant difference for the cause. Contact A V Party Rentals today to learn more about the services we provide that can help you host a fun and successful fundraiser!


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