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How to Host a Themed Team-Building Event

How to Host a Themed Team-Building Event
November 7, 2019 moxxymaster
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Team-building events are a great opportunity to bring a personal touch to your office environment. Help create better communication, cooperation, and team spirit that will leave everyone feeling refreshed and excited come Monday morning. With proper preparation, you can be sure to create an event that will be remembered. Here is everything you’ll need to be an excellent host.


The Idea

Every great team-building event starts with a theme. Think of a game or activity that everyone can participate in that will keep each teammate on an equal footing while promoting a casual environment. It’s important to leave job titles in the office and to make everyone feel like friends as opposed to coworkers or bosses. There’s nothing worse than an event that feels like you’re still at work. Here are some time-tested ideas that are sure to please your crowd:

  • Scavenger hunts – Competitive, active, and everyone gets a fair shot. This one checks off all the boxes for a team-building event.
  • Carnival games – Don’t have the time to set up a scavenger hunt beforehand? We’ve got a slew of games you can check out.
  • Family games – Giant Jenga, horseshoes, cornhole, and more. No learning curves here; everyone’s already an expert.
  • Sports – A good option if everyone is up for a challenge. Match up marketing vs. sales for an intense team-building experience.
  • Relay race – Think of ideas like “egg on a spoon” to make this more about fun and less about intensity.


What You’ll Need

After all, this is a team-building “event” not a team-building “activity.” A well-rounded event is sure to have food and music in addition to a place to relax and converse after a fun day of activities. At A V Party Rentals, we’ve got you covered with tables, chairs, bars, concessions, and everything else you’ll need for a perfect event (see all we have to offer here). Contact us today to find out more.


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