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How to Throw an Epic Pool Party

How to Throw an Epic Pool Party
July 9, 2019 moxxymaster
How to Throw an Epic Pool Party

Summer sunshine makes throwing a pool party an excellent option for any get-together with friends and family. Here are five tips for turning a mediocre gathering into an epic pool party!


Maintain Your Pool Beforehand

A clean, safe pool is the first step toward throwing a pool party without any mishaps, so take some time to make sure it is in excellent shape during the week before your party. Check filters and chemical levels, and be sure that the pool is clear of grass, leaves, rocks, and other debris.


Protect Your Guests From the Sun

Long, epic pool parties can cause unprepared guests to leave with epic sunburns. If your backyard doesn’t provide much shade, set up a canopy or large umbrella to give your guests a break from the sun. Consider providing large containers of sunscreen and aloe, as well as inexpensive sunglasses to help your guests stay comfortable and safe in the heat.


Grill up a Good Time

Epic parties need tasty food, and grilling hamburgers and hot dogs is an easy way to keep your guests from getting hungry. Fill a steam table with meat to keep hot food available throughout the party, and set out plenty of chips, fruit, soda, and other snacks.


Add Some Games

If you’re inviting half the neighborhood to your pool bash, chances are not all of your guests will want to swim the entire time. Set up a volleyball net, cornhole tournament, or other party games to keep everyone having fun all afternoon.


Light up the Night

If you’re planning an evening party, ambient lighting can set the mood for a memorable event. Decorate your yard with colorful hanging lights, strobe lights, or lighted tables to create the perfect after-dark pool party.

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