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Must-Have Party Rentals For Your Holiday Parties

Must-Have Party Rentals For Your Holiday Parties
November 6, 2018 moxxymaster
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The holidays are a great time for businesses to praise employee achievements and acknowledge the year’s successes. One of the best ways to celebrate together is through a festive holiday party. On the other hand, party planning can be a daunting task for the coordinator. Here are some convenient party rentals that will restore sanity to any party-planner’s day. After all, this should be fun for everyone…even the people who have to plan it!


Must Rent #1: Tables & Seating

It’s probably not all that often that your entire company is in one room. It’s probably even less frequent that the whole gang is sitting down to a meal together or requiring table-space all at once. For this reason, you will presumably need to rent chairs and banquet or bistro tables for your event. During the holidays, other companies will have the same idea and a similar timeframe. Be sure to reserve your rentals early so you don’t get left in the dust.


Must Rent #2: Linens

We all appreciate a hearty meal. However, few of us would like to stick around after the fact to wash down messy tabletops. Save everyone the hassle and invest in simple linen rentals. Linens combine a decorative (and professional looking) pop of color with the convenience of easy clean-up. The best part of renting linens is that you don’t need to wash them before returning. Just stuff them into a bag and send ‘em on back. Quick, easy, and effective.


Must Rent #3: Lighting

Lighting is notoriously expensive to purchase, but will completely transform a room. Meet in the middle and rent your lights for the evening. A spotlight, strobe, chandelier or hanging strand are enough to solidify your event’s vibe and put people in the mood to have fun. The great thing about renting is that there’s no storage involved afterward. Don’t deal with maintaining bulbs or boxing up delicate lights all year. Do yourself a favor and rent the lights.


Must Rent #4: Games

Once you’ve got the basics above, the best way to break the ice at your party is to give guests something to do with their hands. Colleagues might be shy or unsure when placed together in a social environment. Consider warming up your crowd with games such as gambling tables or carnival booths! Games will get conversations flowing and encourage people who aren’t social butterflies by nature to loosen up. After all, the goal of any party-planner should be to plan a relaxed, memorable event.


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