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Must-Haves for Your Fall Bridal Shower

Must-Haves for Your Fall Bridal Shower
August 1, 2019 moxxymaster
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Fall is one of the best times a year to host a bridal shower. In addition to the great weather and flavors, fall brings a sense of closeness and community that makes every occasion more special. If you have already decided on your guest list and location it’s time to consider these must-haves for your fall bridal shower. Fall makes it easy for your event to be beautiful and memorable.


A Great Theme

Even though a theme isn’t mandatory it can add a bit of charm to the whole occasion. Fall provides so many great ideas. Here are a few to consider:

  • She’s Fallen in Love (Fall leaves theme)
  • Something Wonderful is Brewing (for a coffee and dessert theme)
  • “I Do” Barbeque (especially for a couple’s shower)
  • Beside the Campfire Brunch (don’t forget to wear a flannel)


A Love of Nature

Whether you host indoors or outdoors, including natural elements is important for a fall bridal shower. Rustic decorations such as apples, pine cones, pumpkins, or sunflowers add an element of fall beauty by bringing the outdoors inside in a tasteful manner. If you are planning the event outdoors, hay bales or a cozy fire subtly showcase the season, while creating an inviting atmosphere for the guests. Remember that hay bales can be uncomfortable long-term, so be sure to drape them in blankets and have plenty of proper seating as well.


A Touch of Elegance

Because fall decorations are rustic it is important to add elegant touches. Farm tables adorned with burlap or white linens make beautiful displays for desserts or gifts. A chocolate fountain for improvised s’mores or a champagne cart can make a statement without distracting from other decorations.

Bridal showers are the perfect occasion to bring the bride’s closest family and friends together to celebrate an amazing new season. At AV Party Rentals, we understand the significance of every occasion and would be honored to help make your event truly remarkable. Please contact us so we can be of assistance to you.


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