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New Ideas for Your Next Corporate Fundraiser

New Ideas for Your Next Corporate Fundraiser
August 16, 2018 moxxymaster
New Ideas for Your Next Corporate Fundraiser

It’s time for a corporate fundraiser, but you don’t want to host a typical blasé work event. Instead, look for fun ways to peak people’s interest by putting together a memorable fundraiser that will catch the attention of employees and customers alike. These great ideas will help you set your fundraiser apart from the masses.


Consider Holding a Race

Go the extra mile this year (or 3.1 in this case) and organize a 5k race! It will come with plenty of office bragging rights for those who complete it. Color runs, glow in the dark fun runs and other themed runs are particularly popular. Encourage your runners to come out, get messy, and have a blast! You can ask them to buy tickets to the event or even recruit sponsors who will pay-up for every mile they complete. Don’t forget to include plenty of water dispensers or beverage tubs for participants.


Coordinate a Silent Auction

Silent auctions are a great way to interest those who like a different sort of competition. Donors will appreciate the opportunity to showcase their products or services and participants can feel good give back while snagging cool prizes at the same time. All it will take is some rented tables and linens to make it official.


Have a Bake-Off

It’s time for a chili cook-out…or a cupcake bake-off…or any other fun, food competition you can imagine! Agree on a favorite dish throughout your organization and encourage employees to bake their best! Sell tickets to the event and watch your employees jump to donate and show off their secret skills. Burners and barbeques are easily rented for the day.


Host a Rummage Sale

It’s time to minimize the clutter around your house all of your employees and members will love the idea too! Utilize your parking lot and sell designated spaces to eager participants who would like to showcase their wares at your sale. Give employees the option to donate items to the cause and choose a charity to receive the proceeds. If your company sells products, use this opportunity to unload backstock and old inventory. Promote the sale on Craigslist and your local paper. Include concession stands of pretzels or hot dogs to occupy kids while their parents browse. This will be such a hit that it will surely become an annual occurrence!


So whatever rentals you need to make your fundraiser a success, contact us at AV Rentals! We have everything ready to go for you.


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