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October is the New Wedding Month

October is the New Wedding Month
September 5, 2019 moxxymaster
October is the New Wedding Month

It’s no surprise that Harvest Weddings have gained immense popularity over the past few years. The temperature is just right, the weather is finally predictable, the foliage is deep and vibrant, plus the lighting is fantastic for wedding photos. Autumn sets a beautiful scene for a romantic wedding and provides ample creative opportunities for unique decor. When planning an October wedding, keep in mind these great tips for must-have fall wedding decor.


Embrace Fall Ambiance

Take advantage of the season’s natural color schemes when planning an October wedding. Consider a color palette that complements natural fall colors, such as burgundy, olive green, metallic gold, and dusty pink. You can easily incorporate these colors into your table linens, chair sashes, flatware, and charger plates. Don’t forget to switch on the Italian string lights at dusk to really amplify the charm of fall sunsets.


Showcase the Season

Spring gets a lot of credit when it comes to flowers, but fall arguably has the most stunning blooms. Fall flowers such as dahlias, marigolds, garden roses, anemones, and sunflowers are an essential element of any fall wedding decor. Showcase flowers beyond the bouquet by incorporating them into the ceremony and reception decor. Reserve a white lattice gazebo or wooden wedding arbor to serve as a focal point for the ceremony or entryway. Further utilize flowers by placing them on top of classic wine barrels for a classy, rustic look during the ceremony or use them on your wedding cake for the reception.


Keep It Cozy

Fall evenings are beautiful and the chill in the air makes our cheeks rosy, but we do recommend renting an attractive portable heater for outdoor nighttime events. Consider providing fleece blankets for wedding favors and serving hot cocoa or cider at the reception to really enhance the cozy vibe.

October is a magical month for a wedding and event rentals can help create an even more beautiful experience. Contact AV Party Rentals when you’re planning for the big day and let us bring your Harvest Wedding dreams to life.


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