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Why Office Potlucks Are Making a Comeback

Why Office Potlucks Are Making a Comeback
July 5, 2018 moxxymaster
Why Office Potlucks Are Making a Comeback

We live in the era of the internet. Instant gratification and comparison shopping are strong themes in our daily lives. Everything from cheaper paper towels, to better movies and even new jobs can be found with a quick search online. Companies today are finding creative ways to attract and retain valuable employees. One way they are doing so is by offering intangible perks to keep their team engaged.

One fun perk you’ll see making a strong comeback? The office potluck.

Now, before you sigh and roll your eyes, consider the benefits:


It Encourages Team Building

Working-relationships matter. Cohesion among coworkers and high-level executives can really drive collaboration. It’s not likely that your accounting intern will ever ask the CEO to lunch, so what better way to encourage relationships across the board than by bringing everyone together over a meal? It will enhance moral and motivate organic team building.


It Saves Time

Driving to and from lunch eats away at the typical hour most employees are allotted for break. If the food is already at the office, this allows the staff additional time to network, enjoy some time away from their desk, and actually savor a bit of their meal. You can save even more time by hiring someone to set-up and tear down the spread for you. You’ll need somewhere for everyone to sit, so unless you’re storing multiple extra tables and chairs in your storage room, rentals are usually the way to go. Consider decking them out in company-colored linens for some added spirit.


It Can Incite Creativity

Why not come up with a theme for your potluck? Allowing staff members to get their minds working about something outside of their daily routine can actually stimulate better on-the-job performance later. Plus, themes like a Mexican Fiesta or a 1980’s inspired lunch will also encourage attendees to get creative with their food contributions. Turning your potluck into a competition could even be fun if your staff likes a bit of a challenge.


It’s Fun

Let’s face it, most of us spend a significant part of our lives in an office. It’s not always fun, and the monotony can be discouraging. Changing it up once in awhile with a simple event like a company-wide potluck can help employees feel more appreciated, connected, and satisfied at work. Making it feel like a special occasion for your crew can be as easy as renting some chafing dishes. If your office is located somewhere that allows for an outdoor event, consider setting up a tent and giving everyone a true change of scenery. The fresh air and fun will do everyone some good!


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