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Plan Ahead for Your Company Holiday Party

Plan Ahead for Your Company Holiday Party
September 26, 2019 moxxymaster
Plan Ahead for Company Party

Each year, most companies celebrate the holidays by organizing a party. These parties are beneficial to the employees as they boost your teams’ spirits and allow everyone to enjoy the company of their colleagues. Planning for a company holiday party can be tricky and you may not know where to start. However, with this guide, you can be sure to pull off a successful company holiday party this year.


The Date

Choosing the right night (or day) is so important when looking forward to hosting the best event possible. Most corporations select a weekend in December to throw their holiday party. However, venues as well as your guests’ time are in high demand at this time of year. You could always consider setting your party in November or early January to keep costs low and attendance high.


The Venue

Finding the ideal location for your celebration should be the first step in planning the holiday. Don’t limit yourself to just your office space; there are plenty of unique places that could fit within your budget allotment. Consider local clubhouses or parks to keep costs down. We suggest that you select a venue that does not exceed ⅓ of your entire budget.


Food and Drinks

Take time to choose food and drinks. If your budget is flexible, an open bar is always popular amongst partygoers. If finances are tighter, consider providing a limited drink menu with a couple of uniquely themed drinks instead. Moreover, finger foods and buffets are cost-effective and cocktail tables can be a great way to encourage mingling.


Party Rentals

You’ll also need to figure out whether your venue requires additional seating. Renting tables and chairs is always a convenient option. Plus, whatever you do, don’t forget the entertainment! If you need a microphone or projector, just remember that you will also need to secure a power source as well.

Planning ahead of time for your holiday party will make for a much less stressful experience. Furthermore, staying within your budget and ensuring the fun factor is high will make the event pleasant for everyone involved. Contact AV Party Rentals today for a seamless rental experience and high-quality supplies for your next holiday bash.


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