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How to Plan Your Romantic Backyard Wedding

How to Plan Your Romantic Backyard Wedding
June 21, 2018 moxxymaster
How to Plan Your Romantic Backyard Wedding

One of the best features of a backyard wedding is that you are free to be you! Not to mention you will be saving money not trying to book a popular venue during event season. Your creativity can run wild as you turn your backyard into the perfect setting for the big day. Whether you want something classic and elegant, something charming and rustic or something modern and chic, the only limit is your imagination.


Pick A Theme

Every event needs a theme but coming up with one is easier than you think. Your starting idea could be as simple as a color or two. Maybe a country, beach or vintage wedding is your thing; you could even host a winter wonderland in your own backyard with the right decor and equipment. Your theme could be centered around nature, utilizing the preexisting landscape, flowers or garden you already have. Once you have your theme, you’re ready to start setting the stage.


Get The Right Seating

It’s important to figure out how many people you’ll need to accommodate early on; everyone wants to be able to sit down at a wedding and everyone wants somewhere to eat. Renting is always a good way to go, especially since it means you won’t be responsible for setting up all those chairs! A backyard event allows for some creative choices when it comes to tables and chairs. Keep it rustic with farm tables and benches, or formal with beautiful Chiavari chairs.


Provide Ample Shade & Beverages

Most backyard weddings take place in the summer so heat may be on the guest list. You may decide to incorporate tents or umbrellas, which are always good to have in case the weather isn’t certain or ideal, and place small tables or theme-appropriate baskets with water and sunscreen in the yard. If a party with an open bar is your idea of perfection but you’re also on a budget, maybe add coolers or tubs with inexpensive drinks of your choice. Check out these other great bar ideas.


Tunes and Decor

What’s a wedding without music? Depending on the size of your yard and your personal preferences, you could have a band, a DJ or just a good stereo. Maybe you’re really into karaoke and now is the time to show off your skills to the whole family. Whatever you choose, make sure to check the local noise ordinances. You might consider a dance floor for the occasion; if you’re going the tent route, you could have a party tent complete with disco ball, lighting, and a dance floor!


Add a Gazebo

One of the most popular features of a backyard wedding is a beautiful arch or gazebo. They can be easily decorated with the flowers you pick or ribbons in your theme color. If you’re planning on your event taking place in the evening, fairy lights strung around the gazebo, trees, or other features of the backyard can be both beautiful and functional. You may also decide to rent standing lights, hanging lights, or even colorful, flashing lights for that party tent.


Enjoy Your Special Day!

Whatever you decide is the backyard wedding for you, it’s all in the planning. Keep track of the details but don’t let them stress you out. At the end of the day, the wedding is about you and the person you love. The best thing you can do when you’re putting together this special event is remember to celebrate what’s important.

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  1. Tiffany Locke 6 years ago

    Your advice to figure out how many people will be coming so that you can ensure you rent enough seating is a good idea. This could also help you figure out how you want the seating set up, such as smaller circle tables or ones that are long and rectangular so that it works with the design and can fit everyone. Once you know what you need, such as chairs tables, and other equipment, it might help to contact local party rental companies to determine which one has the things you want and are available during your event.

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