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Planning a Memorable Summer Office Party

Planning a Memorable Summer Office Party
May 23, 2019 moxxymaster
Planning a Memorable Summer Office Party

Summer is a good time for an office party. The weather is usually better, which tends to make people more relaxed. A summertime company party can be a way to reward everyone in the workplace, or it can be a mid-year encouragement to keep up the good work. To plan the best summer company party, check out the following tips to make the planning process smooth and the event itself memorable.


Plan Ahead

Be sure to announce the party date and location at least six weeks in advance so employees can make plans to attend. Work backward from the date of your announcement to give party planners two to four weeks to work out the details, depending on the type of party.



If you choose to host an off site party, consider renting a party tent or a mobile misting cart to keep your guests cool in the summer heat. If you host a party onsite, you can always use wall or ceiling decorations to keep your employees from feeling like it’s another day at the office. Set up a defined space for people to eat and socialize. Rent tables and chairs that will accommodate everyone who is coming. You may need extra table space for serving food and drinks.


Make It Fun

Whatever “fun” means to your company’s culture – good music, games or photo booths – these things will help people enjoy themselves and make them want to come to the next company party. Consider a themed party and have employees come dressed in a certain way.


Serve Great Food and Drinks

A party isn’t complete without delicious food and drinks. Organize a caterer or restaurant that will prepare food in large quantities.You can rent chafing dishes for food that needs to stay warm and fill ‘n chill tables to keep cold food chilled. Don’t forget an ice chest or beverage tub to keep your beverages cold.


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