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Planning The Perfect Wedding

Planning The Perfect Wedding
August 3, 2018 moxxymaster
Planning The Perfect Wedding

So you’ve said “yes” and now you are preparing to say “I do.” Planning a wedding is a big job and it can be hard to get organized. Once you have the cake and the dress, here are a few suggestions to help you get your wedding planning started.


Secure the Venue

One of the first things you will want to do when planning your perfect wedding is to secure a venue. Most of your other preparations will revolve around this. Things like decorating choices, seating arrangements, and reception plans will all depend on the location you choose. Some venues include things like tables, chairs, and catering. Other venues might provide a blank slate where you must rent everything for yourself.


Determine Ceremony Specifics

Will your ceremony be indoors or outdoors? Will it be held in the same space as the reception or will guests be traveling to multiple venues? If your venue does not provide it, you may need to rent seating. If it is outdoors, you may also need to get a tent. Either way, you will need plenty of signage to guide guests to the right place as they shuttle, park, or walk.


Decide on Decor

Decorations include everything from linens, flowers, lighting, centerpieces, and backdrops. Start with a theme that is meaningful to you and your betrothed. Think about the color scheme. Choose flowers and other decorating items accordingly and don’t think that you need to purchase everything. Most everything you need can easily be rented for your special day. That way you don’t need to worry about cleaning, storing or selling it after the fact.


Nail Down The Food

Food is considered to be the highlight of most weddings. If the venue does not provide catering, you will likely need to supply tables, chairs, linens and place settings along with the food. Don’t worry; it’s easier than it sounds. AV Rentals specializes in supplying tableware for weddings and you won’t need to lift a finger.


Don’t Forget the Dancing

Another popular activity at wedding receptions is of course, dancing. It’s crucial to start interviewing bands or DJs well in advance if you plan to have one. Their services book up quickly and the music can make or break the ambiance of your event. Whether your reception is outside or indoors, you will want to find out if the venue provides a sturdy dance floor.


Give Creative Wedding Favors

Often times, a thoughtful host will give parting gifts to their guests. Get creative with your wedding favors! If it’s something that people can use or display, they will be apt to keep it around longer and reminisce every time they see it. Consider giving guests potted succulents, mix CDs of your wedding soundtrack, customized mini champagne bottles, or any other useful trinket that goes along with your theme.

Planning the perfect wedding can seem like a daunting task. But staying organized and planning early will save you some serious headache. Don’t be intimidated by the need for furniture or supplies. A great rental company like  A V Party Rentals can make your to-do list a lot shorter and ensure that your wedding is magical from start to finish.


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