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Popular Kid’s Birthday Themes for 2019

Popular Kid’s Birthday Themes for 2019
February 7, 2019 moxxymaster
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From invitations to decorations and food, declaring a theme for your kid’s birthday party not only tells guests what to expect, but it also gives you a way to organize and focus your party-planning efforts! So how do you pick a creative party theme? Start by considering the personality of your guest of honor. Then, check out this list for the trendiest themes for 2019 ranging from Lego’s to superheroes.


Legendary Legos

We can’t deny that most kids (and adults!) enjoy building things with these colorful bricks. Base your party on The Lego Movie for a surefire hit. Provide Lego bricks for guests to play with and consider sending each child home with a Lego mini-figure or small kit as a party favor. Use decorations with bright colors, like these Lighted Cube Tables and don’t forget to serve colorful food and drinks!


Arts and Crafts

Parties where children get to make something and take it home are very popular for ages 6-12 in 2019. For this party, you’ll need a crafting area where guests have plenty of room to create, so you might want to rent a table where kids can spread out. Use disposable items around the DIY center for easy cleanup. Keep your menu simple, but be creative with the cake! Bring your theme full circle and let guest customize their own deserts or even take part in decorating the main cake!


Mythical Creatures

Mermaids and unicorns continue to steal our hearts. This year, encourage your guests to come dressed as a mermaid or unicorn and provide props or unicorn horn accessories for them to wear when they arrive. Decorate with pastel colors and be sure to include some sparkle and shine with edible glitter and these Iridescent Crush tablecloths.


Prehistoric Pets

Ancient beasts seem to be a longstanding favorite. Chances are, the birthday kid already has a favorite dinosaur and Jurassic World is a great theme to choose. Guests will enjoy themed games like digging in a sandbox for “fossils,” a dinosaur matching game, or Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur. A dinosaur story time would be great for kids aged 3-7.



Paw Patrol, Sesame Street, and Wonder Woman are popular characters for 2019. Let kids come dressed as their favorite character or provide photo ops with a costumed entertainer or cardboard cutout. Banners, balloons, and other partyware are usually easy to come by with this kind of theme, making it virtually stress-free for you as the host.


Sports themes

Baseball and basketball seem to be especially trending this year. Design your invitations to look like a ball or feature a photo of your child dressed in a sports uniform. Set up sports games, and offer themed prizes. Ballpark food continues the theme – consider hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn for your menu.

Themed birthday parties are a great way to make children feel extra special. Please contact AV Party Rentals for all the essentials to host a memorable themed birthday bash.


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