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Team-Building Ideas For A Successful New Year

Team-Building Ideas For A Successful New Year
December 27, 2018 moxxymaster
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The new year is all about a fresh start and new ideas, so it’s the perfect time for corporate team-building activities. The aim is to improve communication, trust and collaboration skills. So, gather up your employees and utilize these team-building ideas for a stronger, more united team in 2019.


Set the Stage

Whatever team-building activities you choose, setting the stage and providing the right environment is key. Consider hiring a professional MC to orchestrate the event. Involving a third party will help to avoid any bias and encourage everyone to focus and participate. A good MC will also be able to break the ice for those who are hesitant to open up to group events. Change up typical seating arrangements and encourage new friendships by designating seats through a random drawing. Be sure that you provide round tables to best encourage camaraderie.


Campfire Stories

Telling “Campfire Stories” is a classic team-building activity that encourages co-workers to share bonding experiences and establish common grounds. In this exercise, teams gather in a circle and share their workplace experiences like funny occurrences or observations. Along the way, teammates learn things about each other, relive old memories and open up. Creating a set of “trigger words” such as “first day” will help to jumpstart the session.


Personality Testing

Another very insightful activity can be personality testing. These tests can make teammates more self-aware as well as more understanding of how those around them function and communicate. Testing can shed invaluable light on what personalities work well together and how co-workers can adjust their approach with personalities that scientifically clash with their own. A great option is to ask employees to take a 16 Personalities Test which is based on Carl Gustav Jung’s study of psychological traits as well as the Myers-Briggs test. Then, go over everyone’s results as a team, analyzing the characteristics and tendencies that each category represents.


Fun & Games

For team bonding in a more light-hearted atmosphere, gather teams to participate in whimsical games. Give participants a chance to earn tokens that can be redeemed for prizes later. Channel their inner-kid as they choose from plinko, bowling, hoop it up, and more.  Each game station can tie in work-related quizzes that each person must answer correctly to earn their token. Teams can work together to solve each question to move on to the next station.  Celebrate when time is up as each person chooses prizes ranging from paid days off, a basket of office supplies, or a gift certificate for to a local restaurant.

However you prefer to bring your corporation together, contact AV Party Rentals to take the first step in ensuring a successful new year!


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