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Thoughtful Holiday Fundraising Ideas

Thoughtful Holiday Fundraising Ideas
November 20, 2018 moxxymaster
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Attending corporate events isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This can make it difficult for a company to attract a crowd and keep them coming in. However, when it comes to holiday fundraisers, you can get people lining up at the door if you just put a little extra effort into the presentation. Consider these thoughtful fundraiser ideas that will allow you to give back to the community and your employees alike.


Wine Tasting Events

As long as you don’t mind team members sipping on holiday spirits after hours, opt to host an evening or weekend wine tasting event, complete even with a champagne fountain for those who prefer bubbly. Charge participants a small fee for the tasting and team up with a local vineyard to sell products by the glass or bottle, with a portion of profits donated to charity. Go above and beyond with appetizers or cheese platters, and don’t forget a coffee station for the guests who have had enough wine for the evening.


Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a great way to attract a crowd and raise funds. Coordinate with local musicians and offer space to host a fundraising concert. Holiday tunes are the perfect way to put people in the spirit of giving. Sell tickets in advance but don’t forget to have extras available for purchase at the door…people nearby might just hear the commotion and come looking to join the fun. An official stage is always a nice touch for live entertainment and depending on the environment, you might consider renting seating or a dance floor as well.


Gambling For Good

Gambling doesn’t have to have a negative connotation! Host a gambling fundraiser as a way to do good this holiday season. Rent casino games for the evening and encourage employees and friends to try their hand. Require a monetary “buy-in” to participate – all funds go to charity – and then let guests gamble for bragging rights. At the end, rather than cashing out for money, allow employees to redeem their winnings for goofy things like “premium parking spaces,” “office thermostat control,” or “front-of-the-lunchline passes” at the corporate cafeteria.


Have Fun with Your Fundraiser

Overall, when you are hosting a holiday fundraiser this year, be sure to roll out the red carpet for those who attend. When all is said and done, participants are giving up valuable time and money to be there, so keep it entertaining and lighthearted. Allow them to dunk the boss in a water tank, wear silly sweaters or earn rewards for winning. Go ahead and charge for the ability to enter into contests or participate in games – people will be receptive to donating to a great cause. Just be sure that you keep guests comfortable with enough chairs, tents, and accommodations.


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