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Throw a Festive St. Patrick’s Day Party

Throw a Festive St. Patrick’s Day Party
February 7, 2020 sdcdesign

Find your pot of gold with these awesome tips for throwing an unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day party. The luck of the Irish is on your side this year with fun, creative ideas for the best St. Paddy’s bash ever!

Honor Tradition

The long-standing tradition of St. Patrick’s Day may surprise you. Did you know the official color of Ireland is actually blue? Surprise your guests with a bit of Irish history by sending out blue shamrock invitations. Incorporate tones of orange, white, and green for the Irish flag and challenge guests to identify the symbolism behind each color. (Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with leprechauns!)

Take The Party Outside

Spring is the perfect time for an outdoor party here in Southern California. The days are pleasant and the sun is shining. Get outside with fun party activities such as rainbow-themed scavenger hunts, relay races, and clover-crown-making contests. Stage a photo booth for your family and friends with silly props and accessories. Just be sure to secure umbrella rentals in advance if your area doesn’t provide much shade.

Cheers to You

For the 21+ crowd, it’s time to toast to the Irish and enjoy a myriad of cocktails and craft brews. Get creative with traditional pickle juice cocktails and this colorful shamrock shooter. It’s also worth noting that St. Paddy’s was originally a “dry holiday” until the 1970’s, so it’s completely acceptable to highlight some creative non-alcoholic beverages as well. Serve up some Peppermint Hot Chocolate if it turns out to be a crisper spring day or non-alcoholic Homemade Irish Cream for a Southern-California-style St. Patrick’s Day bash. Making a few twists to your beverage list like adding soda or kombucha in place of alcohol is another great way to serve festive mocktails.

As always, drink responsibly, wear your best green attire, and contact AV Party Rentals with any of your event needs.



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