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Top 3 Product Launch Party Ideas to Get Your Brand Noticed

Top 3 Product Launch Party Ideas to Get Your Brand Noticed
March 8, 2018 moxxymaster
Top 3 Product Launch Party Ideas to Get Your Brand Noticed

After months or years of planning, researching, and testing, you are ready to bring your product to the market. Hosting a product launch party seems to be the next step, but it is important to do it in a way that presents your product in the best light. Consider the following product launch ideas.


Trade Show Launch Party

Consider launching your product at a trade show. These events draw all the industry leaders and can put your product in front of a multitude of people. AV Party Rentals has a wide variety of display tables and drapery for your booth so that you can roll out your new product in style.


Media Launch Party

Create an exclusive media-only event to get the word out about your product, while generating the buzz of a VIP event. Send out slick press releases and individual invitations to all the influencers in your industry. This includes bloggers and local business owners, reporters and radio personalities. Make it worth their while to attend. Give your event a fun theme they cannot resist. Rent casino games or turn your evening into a Hawaiian Luau complete with frozen margaritas from a tiki bar.


Public Product Launch Party

Maybe your product is more family friendly and you want to have all ages attend. Renting equipment gives you the freedom to dream big. Easily add kid-friendly concession food with a snow cone machine or a large popcorn maker. Be sure to emphasize your brand through color choices and clearly communicate your company story to give people a reason to become your biggest fan.


There is a lot to consider when planning a product launch. AV Party Rentals is your one-stop shop for finding the best party accessories, canopy tents, tables, chairs, and linens in every color. Feel free to contact us to help put all the pieces together and make your event a success!


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