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Bring Your Outdoor Event to the Next Level with Canopy Rentals

Bring Your Outdoor Event to the Next Level with Canopy Rentals
November 10, 2016 sdcpm
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Bring Your Outdoor Event to the Next Level with Canopy Rentals

Outdoor events can be amazing to attend and host. The fresh air, open atmosphere, and unique decorations simply can’t be matched when compared to indoor events. However, planning an outdoor event also comes with its own special set of obstacles. The weather, for instance, is usually the number one concern. Even if rainy weather isn’t a huge threat, unrelenting heat and sunshine can be equally concerning. Heat and constant sun exposure are not only uncomfortable for guests, it can also be a problem for protecting food and decorations.

Not only do canopies at a party help offer relief and protection to both guests and food, they can also add to the overall appeal of the event. Canopies can provide a professional and upscale appearance to the special occasion. While corporate parties and conventions often rent them for this purpose, they aren’t reserved solely for businesses.

Large and intimate gatherings can both benefit from canopy rentals. Some of these events include:


Renting canopies to use for an outdoor wedding or reception can help make sure the special day goes according to plan. Protecting the cake, offering guests a shaded area, and adding elegance are a few of the best reasons to consider using canopies on your big day.

Vendor Fairs / Exhibits

Outdoor fairs and exhibits can be an engaging way to cater to customers and potential clients. While fairs hosted outdoors can provide the extra room necessary so the guests don’t feel crowded, the heat can also rush them to leave an event early. Renting a canopy for these events not only looks professional, it also provides a cooler environment, which can prompt guests to stay longer while you make your pitch.


While fundraising for a good cause is selfless work and to be commended, it can also be hard work. It requires careful planning, unyielding dedication, and hours of work. Often, this work requires setting up tables in public locations to raise awareness. Using a canopy over your display can, in turn, draw more attention to your organization. It can also offer protection from the weather for the volunteers.


Regardless of the event, from an elegant wedding to a seminar for work, AV Party Rentals can help. We offer several canopy designs in a variety of sizes. Along with multiple canopy rentals, we also offer accessories for your party needs. Our canopy walls will add additional protection from the elements and our fully bloused leg drapes can help cover any poles and cords.

Contact us at AV Party Rentals for all of your party rental needs, from teaspoons to tents.