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Get Ready for Your Gala with Five Inspirational Gala Themes

Get Ready for Your Gala with Five Inspirational Gala Themes
April 4, 2017 sdcpm
Get Ready for Your Gala with Five Inspirational Gala Themes

Get Ready for Your Gala with Five Inspirational Gala Themes

One of the most important parts of planning any gala is starting strong with a solid theme. Stressing out over this important part can ruin the entire event. Luckily, A V Party Rentals has you covered. Here are five inspirational gala themes to get you started strong.


La La Land Lovers

With all the hype around the recent Academy Award winning film, “La La Land,” recreating a themed event in its honor would please many fans. Bringing in the jazz piano music found on the film using a state of the art public address system would help gala goers settle into the theme. Glamorous string lights will give your guests a look back into old-Hollywood. Don’t forget the dance floor to finish strong.


The Swinging 40s 

Having a gala themed after a certain time period can often be trite, but doing it well can leave your guests wanting more. Think authentic glass tableware for your guests to enjoy during dinner. After dessert have your guests dance to the swing music of 1940s on the polished dance floor. If you’re feeling brave, set a dress code of vintage-only clothes.


White Russians

The Romanovs, although met with a ghastly demise, were the picture of elegance and refinement. Plan your event to be reminiscent of their life at a fraction of the price. With pure sateen drapery, turn an ordinary event into a ballroom and then treat your guests to White Russians with a bar and beverage service. Frost your tables with shimmery polyester stuffing to create realistic looking snow without the frostbite.


Down the Rabbit Hole

While Lewis Carrol’s classic, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” has been on shelves for decades, a modern take on Alice’s tale is long overdue. Having actors play classic characters could make your gala one for the ages. Plan for your event to include a psychedelic component by using entertainment lighting. Make your guests’ tables come to life under the lights with eye-catching, iridescent linens. Having excerpts of the book out for your guests to read will bring the whole event full circle.


White Out

Sometimes a simple theme is the best theme. Celebrities regularly host parties where the entire theme is one color. Now you can too without breaking the bank. For a white-themed gala where everything is crisp and clean, host the event in a canopy tent big enough to accommodate your entire guest list. Use elegant white china to seal the deal on your gala theme and leave everyone feeling satisfied. Help your guests fit in before they arrive by clearly stating the dress code and providing white accessories at the door for those who forget.


Contact  A V Party Rental today to help create any of the gala themes listed above or the excellent themes that inspire you.