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Host an Unforgettable Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Host an Unforgettable Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
March 14, 2017 sdcpm
Host an Unforgettable Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Host an Unforgettable Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting and stressful events of your life. While most of the focus is on the big day, it’s important not to forget the wedding rehearsal dinner. Here are a few tips to throwing an unforgettable rehearsal celebration.


Give Your Rehearsal Dinner a Theme

The rehearsal tends to be more relaxed and intimate compared to the wedding day, so if your wedding will be more on the traditional side take this opportunity to surprise your guests with an unexpected theme. How about a backyard BBQ picnic or Hawaiian luau? Get everyone involved by asking your guests to dress accordingly. Serve signature drinks that match the theme and play festive music to get everyone in the mood.


Show Your Gratitude

Pulling off a wedding is no simple task. Use the rehearsal dinner as an opportunity to thank parents, bridal party and other valuable friends and family that made the celebration possible. Carve out some time to thank them. You can simply thank everyone during a toast, or if you’re not a big public speaker try to make some time for you and your future spouse to see each person individually. If your budget permits, the rehearsal dinner is also a great time to present those important people with a thank you gift. These small gestures will make the night memorable for everyone.


Make it Uniquely You

Nothing is more memorable than adding small details to make the event feel personalized. Incorporating photos of you and your future spouse with your loved ones is a great and inexpensive way to add a personal touch. If the venue allows go ahead and bring your pets. While they may not be able to enjoy the big day they can let loose at the rehearsal.


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