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Hosting an Anniversay Party? No Need to Worry, and Here’s Why.

Hosting an Anniversay Party? No Need to Worry, and Here’s Why.
August 8, 2017 sdcpm
Hosting a Stress-Free Anniversary Party

Hosting an Anniversary Party? No Need to Worry, and Here’s Why.


A little planning and the right contacts you can go a long way to reduce the stress and anxiety of planning the perfect anniversary party. Here’s a guide to hosting an unforgettable anniversary party — without the stress.


Set the Location and Set the Mood

Location is the most important factor to consider when hosting an anniversary party because it will set the mood for the entire event. Is it going to be a small get together at a familiar spot, or a grand event at a posh hotel? Set the tone based on where you feel best represents their personalities. Click here for the complete list of Santa Clarita venues for you to keep on-hand for your event planning adventures.


Create A Signature Drink: Coconut Creamsicle Martini (The How Sweet It Is)

A great way to toast the happy couple is with their very own signature drink. Hire a bartender and have them create a custom concoction that everyone is sure to enjoy. We have a great selection of bars and beverage service for you to choose from to make the cocktail service a breeze. Create a delicious beverage that can work with or without the alcohol like the ‘How Sweet it is Coconut Creamsicle Martini’.


Pick the Perfect Theme for Special Couple 

Keeping the couple in mind, what theme would best describe their personalities? Maybe they are fun and carefree sprinkled with glitz and glamor and would enjoy a casino night theme. Or perhaps they are more laid back and relaxed and would prefer a rustic backyard party. Backyard parties are more intimate events so set the mood with hanging lights and a dancefloor to dance the night away.


And lastly, have a great time. No matter what the outcome is, don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The happy couple will appreciate it. A V Party Rentals can supply everything you need to throw a memorable anniversary party. Contact us today to learn how we can make your celebration extra-special.



How do I host a stress-free anniversary party?

Hosting a party is always a stressful affair, especially when you know your family will all be there. The best way to keep the stress under control is to have a plan and stick to it. Create a list of all the action items so you have a visual of everything that needs to be done and can check it off once completed as well as keep track of dates, delivery times and vendor information handy.


What are some good themes for an anniversary party?

If you’re not hosting a ruby, silver, or a gold anniversary party, you are free to pick any theme you like. Consider these fun themes to make your party a memorable one.


  • Luau/Island Theme. If the happy couple is laid back and outdoorsy, this is the perfect theme for them. Luau decorations are easy to find and the drinks are refreshing. Encourage your guest to dress the part and add a photo booth to capture all the good memories.
  • Create a them based on the decade that the couple was married. A 50’s, 60’s or 80’s themed party will add the perfect nostalgia. Create a playlist of the most popular tunes of that decade and match the décor for that time period.
  • Famous Couples. If you have a lot of other couples on the guest list, this is a great way to get everyone to participate and make the event more memorable. Imaging having Mickey and Minnie sipping cocktails with Ken and Barbie.


What are some great kid friendly drink ideas for anniversary parties?

There is no reason why kids shouldn’t have fun drinks as well. These three drinks are a great way to make the kids feel included in the festivities.

  • Watermelon Lemonade – This refreshing drink is sure to be a hit and easily adaptable by adding different fruits.
  • Magical Changing Drinks – Kids will appreciate these fun colorful drinks. Use light-up ice cubes for nighttime fun.
  • Candy Apple Punch – A mocktail to satisfy even your toughest critics. This tasty drink is easy to make and can be enjoyed year-round.


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