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Hosting Safe and Successful Corporate NYE Party

Hosting Safe and Successful Corporate NYE Party
December 5, 2019 sdcdesign

Safe and successful corporate events are the result of excellent event planning and begin with understanding your end-goal. That’s why the first step in planning your corporate New Year’s Eve party is to determine your objective. Is it team building, employee appreciation, networking, or something else? That decision will guide the rest of your party plans.

Choose a Venue

If your office has a large space like an atrium, you may be able to turn it into the perfect party venue. You can transform the space with festive decorations, table and chair rentals, and party favors stamped with the new year.

For off-site parties, a hotel ballroom or room at a conference center are wonderful options. However, consider that an unusual venue like an art gallery, museum, or an aquarium can build camaraderie as your team shares the experience of exploring the venue.

It’s important to be clear on what’s included when you select a venue. As long as your budget can accommodate event rentals and a caterer, you can consider venues that don’t provide food or furniture. If you’re serving alcohol, your venue may need to be near public transportation or where employees can easily get a rideshare driver to take them home. If you’re using a public space, be sure that there are enough facilities for your guests and remember that even luxury portable restrooms can be rented.

Food and Drink

A formal sit-down dinner could be appropriate for an employee appreciation-themed party. For networking or team building parties, finger foods served from stations around the room may be more suitable. During such events, it’s helpful to have bistro tables where people can talk and put a drink down.

On New Year’s Eve, your colleagues probably expect alcohol to be served. To keep everyone safe and limit liability, a ticket or hand stamp system is useful to restrict how much alcohol is given out. An alternative option is hiring professional bartenders who are trained not to serve anyone who appears to have overindulged. You could also consider restricting it to a classy champagne toast while serving non-alcoholic beverages the rest of the night.


Abundant entertainment also takes focus away from alcohol. Planning party games as team-building exercises is a traditional form of entertainment at office parties. Since it’s New Year’s Eve, you may want the party games for the beginning hours. Later, the party could shift to a DJ or live band to give your colleagues an opportunity to hit the dance floor.

If you find yourself needing help, contact A V Party Rentals to support your plans for a successful New Year Eve’s party.


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