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How to Choose the Perfect Table Cloth Rental

How to Choose the Perfect Table Cloth Rental
June 20, 2017 sdcpm
How to Choose the Perfect Table Cloth Rental

How to Choose the Perfect Table Cloth Rental


Choosing a tablecloth may seem like a small detail. It is an important one though. Your choice of linens sets the tone for the tables during your event. Follow these guidelines to find your perfect tablecloth rental.


What type of event are you planning?

  • For a corporate function, think clean, crisp lines. Consider a muted palette so it doesn’t distract attendees.
  • Birthday parties allow for fun. Let the birthday celebrant choose their favorite colors. If you are using a theme, look at the colors for inspiration.
  • Weddings are another event that allow for fun. You want the tables to stay subtle and welcoming. Keep your color palette for the day in mind when choosing your linens.


Where is the event taking place?

You may wish to rent your linens after choosing your venue. The venue decision plays a large part in your linen choice.

  • Is the event inside?
  • Is the event outside?
  • Does the location require the tables to have candles or other light sources on them?


What style tables are you using?

After you decide on the location, you have to decide on the tables. When choosing the tables consider your guest list.

  • Tables fit either six or eight guests in comfort.
  • Tables are either round or long square buffet style.
  • Consider the amount of space in your venue when choosing the table.


What are the colors and theme of your day?

Keep the colors and theme of your event in mind as you choose.

  • Make sure the color of the tablecloths compliments your theme.
  • Ask the renter, do you have enough to cover my tables in one color? If not, consider two colors that work well together.


Who is attending the event?

The final element to consider when choosing your tablecloth are your guests.

  • Do you plan to have an adult only function?
  • If not, how old are the children on the guest list?


Determining the guest list allows you to pick a cloth that fits your style and needs. If children are attending consider ordering a covering that is easy to wipe off. This way if something spills, it is easy to clean.


Contact us today with any questions or to see our tablecloth rentals. We look forward to helping you set the table at your next event.


  1. Afton Jackson 7 years ago

    I never knew how important ti is to consider what style of tables you will be using before choosing tablecloths to rent from a party company. My fiancee and I are getting married in a few months. Hopefully, we can use these tips to get the perfect look in the venue.

    • James 7 years ago

      Have you decided on your three main colors yet? I would recommend deciding on which colors you would like to use before deciding on a table cloth rental

  2. Jen Pack 7 years ago

    My little sister just got engaged, and she is trying to plan out all the little details for her wedding. She is thinking about having an outdoor wedding, so we think it would be a good idea to find a company that will let us rent out all the supplies we will need. I hadn’t thought about all the tablecloths we will need, so thanks for pointing that out. I especially like how you point out that we need to consider if we are going to have candles or other light sources on the tables because that could play a factor is what kind of tablecloth we are going to get. I’ll be sure to show this information to my sister!

  3. Marcus Coons 7 years ago

    It really helped when you mentioned how taking time to find a venue for your party can help you find the best rentals to make it happen. I can see that choosing a venue before renting your items can help you choose the ones that best adjust for the setting and make sure you have all you need to have as much fun as you can. My brother is having a big party for his daughter and wants to find the best party rentals he can find, so I’ll share your post with him.

  4. Sandra Hexner 7 years ago

    Thanks for the tips to choose the right table clothes to rent for my sister’s wedding. She wants to have the most memorable party for her wedding and I want to make it happen. You make a great point that I need to keep in mind that it’s a wedding and that they table should be subtle enough to make sure the bride is the focal point.

  5. Amanda Drew 6 years ago

    I like how you point out that you should make sure to get tablecloths that are the same color or a similar one as your theme. My wedding is going to be in three months, and my colors are sea blue and tan. I’ll have to find somewhere to rent tablecloths in those colors.

  6. Elsa Anderson 6 years ago

    Thank you in providing tips in choosing a perfect tablecloth rental in your post. My friend is getting married this June and I am helping her out in putting all the small details together so it doesn’t become a problem when the event is just a few days away. I like your advice in choosing a color that is subtle and welcoming. In that way, you are making the place inviting and soothing for the guests to come and stay. I’ll let my friend know about this.

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