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How To Have Chocolate Fountain Success At Your Party

How To Have Chocolate Fountain Success At Your Party
January 5, 2017 sdcpm
Chocolate Fountains

How To Have Chocolate Fountain Success At Your Party

Often featured at wedding receptions and notable celebrations are chocolate fountain rentals. They are considered romantic and luxurious indulgences. However, it’s all fun and games until a chocolate fountain disaster happens. Understand what NOT to do with your chocolate fountain rental and have your event go down in the annals of party history for all the right reasons.

Location, Location, Location: You definitely want a location that will show off your chocolate fountain. However, DON’T set it up near:

  • The dance floor.
  • A swinging door.
  • Primary entry/exit doors.
  • In the airflow path of HVAC ventilation.
  • Un-sheltered outdoors.

Foundation Matters: You may think that every floor is level. Unfortunately, they are not. When you set up your fountain’s table, don’t trust your eye. Use a level and determine whether or not your fountain’s foundation is a true even plane. DON’T set up on an uneven table or the chocolate will not flow evenly.

Prepare With Preheat: DON’T assume the fountain will do all the melting work efficiently. It could use a bit of help. Chocolate hardens around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can pre-melt the chocolate and keep it in bowls or tubes in a handy location for fountain refills.

The Crumble Fail: Choosing the right dipping edibles is crucial to chocolate fountain success. DON’T select food items that crumble. That means cookies are out. Marshmallows and pretzel sticks are perfect. Fruits like banana bits and strawberries are popular but tricky. They need to be frozen but, as they thaw, they drip moisture which can ruin the viscosity of the chocolate. One solution is to offer dried fruits like pineapples and apricots. So choose dippers carefully.

Use the right techniques with a chocolate fountain and it will be a successful central attraction at your event. To learn more, please contact us.