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How to Host a “Tea-Riffic” Birthday Party!

How to Host a “Tea-Riffic” Birthday Party!
January 3, 2017 sdcpm

How to Host a “Tea-Riffic” Birthday Party!

It’s national hot tea month, so it’s a great time to celebrate a birthday with a tea party! Tea parties are fun for all ages, from five to 75 with children’s “princess” tea parties to grown-up tea time with many different tea varieties and sophisticated sandwiches. Here are some pointers on throwing a great tea party for the grown-ups:

The most important part of hosting an adult tea party is to choose the best quality tea you can afford. You will find using loose tea is more flavorful and robust than using tea bags. As a rule of thumb, use one teaspoon of tea leaves per six ounces of water. Even if you’re only making a single cup, always prepare hot tea in a pot rather than a mug — it intensifies the tea’s natural flavors! Put the tea in first and then add the water (doing it the other way around decreases the flavor). Always allow tea to steep for a minimum of one to two minutes. Check out these guidelines for specific varieties:

  • black tea – steep up to 5 minutes
  • green tea – steep up to 3 minutes
  • Darjeeling – steep up to 3 minutes
  • Oolong – steep up to 5 minutes
  • white tea – steep up to 4 minutes

There are many other varieties of tea and a party is a great opportunity to try them all! Some other options include sweet sage, mullein, marshmallow, chamomile, and fennel. Be sure to provide all the accouterments at your tea party, such as cream, lemon slices, honey, sugar cubes, and artificial sweeteners.

It’s fun to add a British flair to a tea party, since tea is such a huge part of the culture. In England, afternoon tea is often served with small sandwiches and cake. Brit-inspired ideas for tea party sandwiches include watercress and egg, and cucumber and cream cheese. Sponge, Lamington, and Battenberg cakes are all popular options. “Biscuits” such as Bourbons or Custard Creams also complement tea very well. If you can’t find those, shortbread, butter cookies, and old-fashioned jam-filled cookies are all great substitutes.

AV Party Rentals can help you put all the finishing touches on your tea party. Feel free to contact us to learn more, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

A silver tea pourer will look superb for serving the tea. We also offer drip trays, thermal urns, cream dispensers, and sugar bowls. (Plus, you just might want a coffee maker for those who prefer the darker brew!) The tea, sandwiches, and all the other goodies will look great on a farm table covered with our lovely iridescent linens. Be sure to add some candles around the room to create a cozy atmosphere. Display the cakes on our stands, and you’re all done.

Now there’s just a lot of delicious tea to drink! Cheers!